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[2004-06-07 @ 4:57 p.m.]

I'd like to make this short and sweet.

It's finals week. My last week of school as a highschool junior. In three and a half days (three full days and a half day... imagine that), I will be a senior. Then it's 360 days until I'm an adult, ready to start on my own big career. I'm more determined than ever before to get where I wanna be, so it's just gonna have to happen. That was one of the most obscure sentences ever typed, but you understand my meaning. It's a big event, and I'm not scared, just surprised. You know? I'm excited, I'm amped to get outta here, move out to a big city and get an education and go to auditions and... I'm shivering. But I can't believe it's happening now. I just can't. I hear in some of my classes seniors discussing their classes in college next year, or discussing where they're picking up their uniforms for the airforce or army. People I know are in the airforce and the army. People I know are becoming teachers in four years, are becoming journalists in five. It's all so fast, and so exciting. That's the way life should be.

Beyond that! Uhh... I went to my friend's party (my friend Jennifer) for her birthday on Saturday. I went out shopping for her a few hours before hand, and spent an other-worldly amount of money on her for her presents. It works out because most of my friends have birthdays later in the year, when I have no money because of the upcoming holidays to save for. But hers is in May, and she always wastes a lot of money on me. So I got her sunglasses, a headband, a leather-ish purse (she's an animal lover) all in pink, and a pair of dangled earrings in blue, and a Shrek colouring book and Spongebob balloon. It wasn't, like, a hundred dollars, but it was above fifty all together (I actually spread out most of the buying over two months). And my mum pitched in because she wants to adopt her. So then before the party my mum took my brother and I to Best Buy (a computer/games/dvd/cd/kitchenmachinery store with wonderful prices), and my mum went to the printer section to get ink, my brother went to the video game section to drool, and I (of course) went to the dvd section to perambulate through the isles. I first made my way over to the best sellers, of course seeing ROTK, Seabiscuit (yes, still), 21 Grams, blahblahblah, and Monster. I picked it up, inhaling the wonderful smell of new dvd, and read the back, only to find that not only did Charlize Theron star in it, but produced it as well. I tossed it back on the shelf, and in a blur of elation, ran to the gaming section and up to my brother, tall, pale, reddish blond hair, in his usual black tee-shirt (not realising that he was actually wearing yellow that day), and punched him REALLY, REALLY hard on the arm yelling, "Hey, Ben! Did you know that Charlize produced Mons.... You're not my brother!" It was some kid about my age, and he looked severly frightened (I can't imagine why, me just hitting 6'1" [yes, I'm 6'1" now!]), so I said, "She produced Monster, if you cared to know," and ran as fast as my legs could carry me. I hid behind the only shelves tall enough to hide me if I sorta bent my head like I was looking at something, the dvd rack luckily, and I scanned the drama piles. Some couple next to me were arguing over what movie to buy, and apparently, they had seen neither one. The woman had an obscure and really bad romantic comedy, the man had What's Eating Gilbert Grape. She was like, "I don't want anything like that." He kept saying, "It's Depp! He's the man!" They kept looking uncertainly at me, as I was flipping through dvds, muttering names like Ed Harris or Jerry Bruckheimer, "Oh, he made Veronica Guerin?", reading the back of the original Titanic and mumuring the differences, "This one is much crisper than the new one, people just overlook everything..." The couple kept looking at me, and at the dvds, at me, at the dvds, and I coughed, and at the dvds. I looked at the one the woman was holding, and made a grimace (by the cover I thought it was Al Pacino's Scent of a Woman, which she probably would have liked, but it wasn't), and at the man's and I smiled, and she put hers down with a sigh and said, "You win. At least it's Depp." I love the power I have over people.

The party was fun. There were only six people, Jennifer's boyfriend got kicked where it hurts (he warmed up to us, though, he was particularly shy before-hand), I dumped my head in a pool while Jenny jumped in fully-clothed, we played with playdough and ate yummy-licious food, and played Twister. It was grand fun.

And my brain is fried. Today's entry is from Jimmy Fallon's kick major bootay album, The Bathroom Wall. I miss him, SNL will never be the same. Can you honk the horn, can you honk the horn, can you honk the horn, lemme hear you honk it. Weekend Update.... snivvle...

Sorry. Mental breakdown...


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