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[2004-06-13 @ 3:10 a.m.]

How in love am I with Kill Bill? Uh, really really in love. Yeah. Really really really really in love. And that love is the love of an awesome movie. Kill Bill. It's an awesome movie. And I love it.

In case you haven't heard, I'm, uhh, watching Kill Bill. Again. It's a pretty good movie, believe it or not. I'm over at Kelly's house. We're eating junkfood, and we went midnight swimming and watched Kill Bill Volume One. I'm having fun. Yes.

Oh. My. Gah. Physics is over. I passed! Woohoo! I passed Physics, and I never ever ever hafta take it again. No more physics for Amanda! No more stupid equations or Newton's theories or not understanding, because if there's one thing I can't stand, it's not understanding something. I wanted to tell the entire world of science to chuffer off, but I've got chem to look forward to. It'll have to be a breeze next to what I've just finished. And, and, and, and, and I'm a senior! Rockin' and rollin' the school, baby. Life is good this way. I feel as though I'm on the brink, finally, of something great. I think I can look at this feeling two ways. Imagine, if you will, a level green plain cutting off suddenly and dropping sharply to a distant bottom. I can either see myself on the edge of the plain of the past, looking down at the dark below, my future, or I can see myself grasping the ledge and seeing nothing but my green future sprawling ahead.

I opt for the latter, and you?

Have I mentioned that I heart Kill Bill? Well, I do.

I had so much to talk about... Oh! My soft sculpture of a fairy that I was talking about (I'm making a soft-sculpture of a fairy, basically a large doll), I'm making the sculpture of Tinkerbell. Wouldn't that rule? I've loved Disney since I could talk and walk and, uhh, blow the house in? I dunno. It's three thirty in the morning and I'm hyped up on Uma Thurman killing spree action. DIE, BILL! Actually, I think Quentin Tarantino really made the show. He's got to simply be one of the best directors, uhh, ever. I would have never thought of that hokey seventies style for this kind of dialogue. And the dialogue, itself, was brilliant! Have I mentioned...

Anyway, yes. I'm just excited that school is out. I've also watched The Astronaut's Wife (Johnny Depp, ahh! Love him!), and Billushi Blues. Great stuff, great stuff. You know the summer has begun when...

Well. Yes. This is one of those meaningless I-just-wanted-to-stop-by silly entries with no basic uplifting messages or knowledgable points. Just so's ya know.

Have I mentioned Kill Bill?

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