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Schiggidy schiggidy schwat?
[2004-06-14 @ 2:18 p.m.]

AH! AHHH! IT'S SUMMER AND I'M... gulp... bored. Summer? Bored? Can you have the two in the same sentence? I want to rip my hair out, I really do. I did stuff today, so far. I went out and met my mum's eeevil dietetic teacher. The woman was about 5'10" or so, and as I looked down at her (being 6'1") she said, "You're almost as tall as I am!" I just sorta smiled. Maybe her sense of up and down are skewed. And then I went to the post office. To post some bills. Weee. So, even going outside of the confines of my house is less than exciting. I should embark on an epic adventure full of car chases and redemption, sword-fights and revenge, pistol shoot outs and fear. Or I could stop wishing life were a movie and read those books that I have to finish by the 8th. And write the essays due on every chapter. By the 8th. Of next month. Hooray. One's Thomas Hardy, and we all know how he doesn't mind wasting words (and time). I think it'll go faster if I make it a movie in my head, that's the way it usually works.

My brother has a good eye for photography. We got our pictures developed (the ones I took on the last two days of school), and the film in the disposable cameras was terrible. Half my pictures didn't turn out. My brother took a nice camera to school, and not only did they all turn out, but he's a really good shot with them. All of mine were crooked or something. I told him he should be a director, and he told me that that's exactly what he wants to do any way. I want to show him Kill Bill but I doubt Mum'll like that too much. He loves M. Night Shyamalan (Sixth Sense, Signs, The Village) and Tim Burton (Edward Scissorhands, Ed Wood, Nightmare Before Christmas) and Peter Jackson (duh), but he's never experienced Quentin Tarantino. Poor thing. I'm more into the acting aspect, but he makes me proud!

I've got a headache. And I wish that interviewer lady would call my mum. I dunno if she will, but she'd just better. She'll be missing out on a lot if she doesn't. She's supposed to call after one today or anytime tomorrow. Oh, I pray she does. I want my mommy to be on tv!

Which, by the way, I feel that I've grown far too dependent on television. It's my means of seeing the outside world. I don't get out much. Plus, it's where I watch all those movies. Last night I was upset because I wanted to see The Others, but it was on too late. Well, I just didn't want to watch it outside of daylight hours. I can stand The Astronaut's Wife late at night because Johnny Depp's purdy, but The Others looks far, far, far too scary for me. Little kids in horror movies frighten me, and loony-bins in horror movies frighten me. Unless you combine the two, like in The Ring, that's just funny. Well, not all nut-houses are scary, Gothika doesn't look too scary. I think the actual fear developed over mental-facilities is the fear of the easily influenced human psyche and the lack of respect for the thoughts of "crazies". One of the scariest ideas of those movies isn't that you're locked in a padded room by yourself, it's that you see something that no one else believes, and it feeds on that feeling of aloneness. And no one likes to be alone.

Uhh, and now that I'm done probing the human mind... I watched the MTV movie awards. It's always kind of a waste of my time, but I got to see the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. They're just as good live. Yeah. Yeah, they are. Yeah. What else? Oh, and Johnny Depp's acceptance speech for "Best Actor" was hilarious. But I hate that all those actors pretend to have a good time, because the mtv movie awards look really stupid to me.

Oh! And I saw Kate Bosworth on a tv show on Bravo. I decided she's way too good for Orlando Bloom. He should thank heaven every day that he's got her, because he always seems kind of "too cool" for everyone else, he seems, well, mean, and she's just always so happy and bubbly. And he's not all that talented, and I'm sure that she is. And, yeah (yeah yeah), I'm still standing by the fact that he's a bad actor. He's gorgeous, but he can't act.

This is what happens over the summer. I'm loaded down with work and have no contact with friends or society and I become a social reculse, glued to my television set. And this is my last summer break of highschool. Ever. *sigh*

Well. This title is from a Swedish or German or Russian or something like that-ish rap in English by a group called Group X. It's a song called "Schfifty Schfive" and it's strange. Fitting for a strange girl like myself.

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