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[2004-06-15 @ 6:54 p.m.]

My feet hurt. High-heeled flipflops: cute, fashionable, mod, but painful, esp. after FOUR HOURS in a mall.

Yes, you hear me right. Four flippin' hours. I want to cause harm to someone. Okay, I got a cute haircut (my bangs are a little too short, but when I put it up it's very Uma Thurman-ish) and my eyebrows waxed (a little too thin). Okay, I'm not happy with my eyebrows. I already get told by people who shall remain unnamed (my brother) that my eyebrows look like Hugo Weaving's. Okay, they're falling out. I spent months without plucking to get them to fill in, and I had no idea that she was going to wax them so very thin. But I'll let them grow in a little again, it's a good thing it's summertime, eh? But, it didn't hurt at all, I'm proud to report. So, my bangs need to grow out and my eyebrows need to fill in, and then I'm back to where I need to be! My friend, Lliz, and I trapsed around the mall and did mini-shopping at Hot Topic. I don't normally like too many of their clothes, but they've always got neat little things. I got a big flower that's very Nicole Kidman-ish for my hair, and a button for my brother, and a box of mints that say, "Have a mint... Your breath smells like butt." It's Happy Bunny, of course. And I flipped through all the Anti-Flag cds that I already own (you wouldn't think I'm a fan to look at me, me, that avid Bush supporter... yep, I love 'em, I do!) and laughed at the posers with the dumb looking mohawks. One followed Lliz and I around FYE, so we scanned off some Britney Spears cds and danced to "Toxic". Needless to say, he ran off. Hate to admit it, but her new stuff is eerily catchy. And I found "Swagger" by Flogging Molly, but I blew my cash at Hot Topic (just like me, eh?). I have Flogging Molly's second cd, but not their first, and I simply adore them. And I spent one hour trying to find my mum in the mall, and another hour waiting for our car to be fixed (it still doesn't work right), and, uhh, I had coffee and Chinese food, and offended the lady at the counter in the ordering (I couldn't understand a word she told me).

So, I guess today was eventful. Moreso than yesterday. But it still doesn't feel like the summer. Grr. And I keep trying to convince my mum to watch Kill Bill, but she refuses. "Hey, mum! That person's wearing yellow and black! That reminds me of... KILL BILL! Do you know what a good movie is? KILL BILL! Don't you hate Lucy Liu? She looses her head in KILL BILL! Guess what one of the best directors ever made? KILL BILL! You know why I'm an Uma Thurman fan? KILL BILL!" She won't watch it! *whine* Oh, she'll see it... she'll see it... I even put it on the desktop of the computer (is that what it's called?).

I've made my attempt at photography. My brother took me around the block to see if he couldn't teach me his technique. True to my own form, I took pictures of trees and flowers while he took pictures of me jumping over the camera. I'm so jealous. I wish I could be that creative with a camera. My brother's the next big Hollywood director, that's right. And if I don't see Kill Bill Vol. 2 RIGHT NOW, I WILL KILL... I dunno, Bill? I have to find out the Bride's name, I have to find out why Bill shot her, I have to find out if the daughter of that one lady ever seeks revenge, I have to find out if Bill really is the father of the bride's daughter, I have to... grr, see it! *rocks back and forth in fetal position* It bothers me that this bothers me. It bothers me so much.

Okay, what else? We get it, I'm a movie-freak. My hairdresser got that point today. "And I just love all those Kates, you know, Cate Blanchett, Kate Bosworth, Kate Beckinsale, Kate Winslet, and, well, not so much Kate Hudson..." I chewed the poor woman's leg off. "And I can't believe that Scarlett Johansson didn't get best female up-and-comer over stupid Lindsay Lohan at the MTV Movie Awards and I don't see why girls like Orlando Bloom, Johnny Depp's so much hotter and..." I pitied her. Goodness, I'm a freak.

Okay! Yes! Have I run across any life moments? Uhm, my friend, Lliz, was bi for a week, and my mum just found out. I didn't tell mum because I didn't think it concerned me, so why should it concern her? But my mum thought I was Lliz's girlfriend. Uhh, no! I'm very much straight, thanks. But I can see how she'd distrust me for not telling her. Lliz didn't even tell me until she broke up with her girlfriend. So then that conversation with Mum quickly went from the Biblical points on homosexuality to the fact that I never date. Why don't I date? Walk once through the hallways of my highschool, just once, and look at the ways those guys treat their girlfriends. Honestly, I wouldn't mind having a boyfriend. I would actually like to have one, but guys my age don't want a girlfriend for the mentality of it, but the physicality of it. That's either too mature for me, or too immature for me, and either way, I don't think I'll buy into it, thanks. The first guy that's willing to drink coffee and chat about books over making out will be the first guy that I date, I swear. And I couldn't ever date a girl. I don't want to sound homo-phobic, because I don't mind people like that, they're no different than I am personality-wise, and it's none of my business what they do, but I find it, for my own tastes, utterly disgusting to date someone of my own gender. And people are going to take that the wrong way, but I mean it to be taken in a personal aspect. I have no problem with lesbians, but I couldn't ever be one. And that's all.

And I simply don't comprehend how my mum could think that. It kinda hurts my feelings, you know, but, again, I did hide stuff from her. I didn't tell her, or anyone else, basically because it wasn't my business, either. But at least that's all over with. Or maybe she just wants me to get a boyfriend. I dunno. Well, I'll have to soon, I need a date for prom.

'Cuz I'm a senior now, ya know?

And Lliz broke up with her girlfriend because she "hate[d]" herself, and couldn't figure out why. My guess is that she thought it would be cool to have a girlfriend, because she's into "breaking the rules", but after a week realised that it didn't work for her. I basically told her that she's more of a Christian than she'll admit, and that she should try new things, but stay within a lifestyle that suits her instead of others.

And today's title is from Seinfeld. Don't ever eat junior mints during open-sugery.

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