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[2004-06-21 @ 9:05 p.m.]

Sometimes people just make me angry.

I'm sure this is nothing new to any of you. But it's the truth. I guess this sudden thought was prompted by The Awakening by Cate Chopin. It's a terrible book. I just hate it, I honestly do. The reason I think that I hate it the most is because of the main character, the whiny and annoying Edna Pontellier. I can't stand how the women in the book complain of sudden faint spells and fan themselves off pompously, tossing their dainty white hands in the air for the men to come to their aid. Give me a break! How 'bout you snivvling cry babies get up off your butts and do your own work? "Oh, Robert! The air is so stifling, I'm afraid I'm getting rather flustered! Please fan me off with palm leaves while hand feeding me grapes fresh from the vine!"

But I guess I can't say anything (this is where the aforementioned thought becomes significant in writing). Today I went into the nearby convience store for a carton of milk. I paid my 5 dollars for it (yeah, 5 bucks for a gallon of milk, 2 bucks more than last month, even cows are inflated lately), and headed for the door, with a gallon of milk in my tired arms (I had been cleaning all day). Some guy walked in right as I was walking out, and though he managed to get a clear look at my butt, he didn't manage to hold the door open for me, and it closed right on my face. If it hadn't been for the fact that he looked like he could've been carrying a gun, I would have screamed a few select words at the idiot, but it was a convience store, in the less than respectable part of "Stepford", so I just pushed it open again, trying to stay balanced. You can't tell me that guys don't hold doors open for girls anymore. I know I'm no Nicole Kidman or anything, but golly gee whiz, I've had guys hold open doors for me. I used to think it was still a social rule, but apparently it only applies to true gentlemen (who I'm guessing are very few right now). So I was freaking out on the way home about the decline of manners in America when I realised that I was taking up the same habits that women used a hundred years ago in the book that I hate. And then I realised that to have a man wait on a woman was a small price to pay for the lack of liberties women were given, and that there's no reason that men shouldn't still praise us as we grace their prescence. I think that even though there are women that earn more money than men, that have more power than men, that are just all around better than men, that's not the usual case, and that a man should still love a woman enough to want to do anything for her. But you know what else? A woman should do the same for him. Because that's love.

And now that that disgusting bit of idiocy is out of my system, I can go back to being cold hearted, power-hungry Amanda. Woohoo! It feels so good to be bad!

What else? Uh, I cleaned. Yeah. The kitchen's about as clean as it's gonna get by my hands. The rest is up to whomever feels the stomach strong enough to tackle it. I think that tomorrow I'm onto the dining room. That'll be grrrrand fun!

Soooo... we've covered the book thing... the cleaning thing... I watched Meet the Parents again... I dunno if it's Ben Stiller month or what, but he's everywhere, and I'm not complaining... poor Gaylord Focker... I'm at a loss! Umm, today's title is from a movie. Sniff. Yep. If you can figure out which movie, I'll, uhh, I dunno, give you a hug or something.

Yay. A contest. Weeee.

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