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[2004-06-24 @ 12:12 p.m.]

YAY! I've been trying for ten minutes to get through, and I DID!

Soo, I just got a prank call from New York. It was a NY area code. I think it was my dad. He was eating something, and then he started pushing buttons. Actually, he may have dialed the wrong number... As bad as it sounds, that happens a lot. Then he does something strange to get out of it. He may have meant to call someone else, he has been acting unusually nice to us lately. That's usually a hint that he's doing something he doesn't want us to know about.

I also think that aliens are taking over naval bases... just kidding!

Well, whatever the case, I don't really care anymore. It's to that point now. I'm so bent on getting to Columbia that I cry whenever I see a picture of New York City. It's that bad... or good. I'm sure no one cares anyway.

So! Yes! After lunch I'm taking a nice, long, hot shower (yes, in the middle of the day), and then I'm helping my mum make an apron, and then I'm reading, reading, reading. Tomorrow I'm going with Mum to the community college she's attending to speak with the head of their drama department. She wants to make costumes for them (see her wonderful, Hollywood quality garments here! I'm not ashamed to make plugs, either!), and I want to find out when any community auditions are. Then tomorrow night we're watching a Shakespeare thing, I think it's Taming of the Shrew, funny stuff!, and yeah. Dad wants me to take some acting classes there, he says they'd be "more in depth" then what I could learn in highschool. I'm all for it, but I dunno where he plans to get the money. He makes so much, but my brother has dental and medical bills, we're rennovating the house, and he's spending it all on movies, dvd players, new cars, and speakers for himself! Sooo, either Ben goes without braces, or the house goes without paint, or my dad goes without his weekly theatre-goings. Imagine the latter ever occuring... So, I think I'll hold off on it for a little while.

My brother an I also have to clean the living room today. Weee.

So, last night I gathered all my courage, and I sat down to a showing of The Others. It really ended up being particularly spectacular, to be honest. I would have never imagined the twist at the end. Of course, there were some things I figured out right away like in most scary movies, but the ending I didn't guess until the very, very, very last minute. I knew who was dead as far as minor characters go, we'll just say that much. It was a very good movie, though. Very good indeed!

Uhh, what else? I think the malevolant spirit haunting my kitchen is gone. I think the holy water took care of it (I'm kidding, we never used Holy Water... just a couple of Hail Marys and a few shakes of the rosary... I'm just kidding! I'm not even Catholic!). It did actually freak me out for a little bit, but it's all a mental thing. My mum used to tell me ghost stories all the time when I was younger. Or the disatorous back-yard camping trip that ended in a lot of screaming when a UFO came too close to the tent. My dad saw it, too! My brother and my dad and I. I swear.

Just like the ghost in the kitchen that moved the chair. Simple as that.

Just ignore me, I need coffee. And today's title is a Rosario quote from Will & Grace.

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