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And I will look at you the same way I always have. As a spoiled, shrill, gold-digging socialite who would sooner chew off her own foot than do an honest day's work.
[2004-06-24 @ 7:26 p.m.]

Mummy, don't make me! Don't make me do actual work!

I know, I've updated already once today. I really hate reading Thomas Hardy. It's sooo boring *forehead falls limply onto keyboard, evidence here: akjLWEIRhyhioeweiyrowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww*! However, the main character, Tess, sounds as though she looks a bit like me but with dark eyes, so I'm imagining it as though it's a movie staring me! And that's how movies should be... staring me! It's quite a beautiful movie so far, though, I must admit. I made one shot in a bar fantastic, as Tess gets the attention of her parents amidst the heaviness and smoke of cigars and steamy alcohol. It was very juicy cinematography, to be sure.

Movies make everything all better, don't they?

Sooo, with one year left of highschool for me, my little brother is already laying claim to what he keeps when I go off to New York. He says I can't have the Gamecube. He gets it and the Playstation and the N64. I'm not a big gaming person, however, I do enjoy to occupy my mind from Thomas Hardy books enforced upon me (much like I am doing now!). So, he being a little, uhh, "meanie", he's keeping all three! Well, humph, fine with me, I'll just take the dvd player, stereo system, and sell all of his beanie babies on Ebay (internet wonder among wonders) for cash to pay off my rent. He's only got a few hundred, though, that'll only cover about a year's worth of student housing costs.

You see, I've really nothing to talk about. I'm feeling a wee bit under the weather, I guess. "Girl problems" is one way to put it. I've realised that I have a knack for making people feel highly uncomfortable in this kind of situation! For instance, I have no qualms about telling those I barely know, "'Scuse me, I gotta pee." This either creates an uncomfortable silence, or a crowd of laughter. Or the latter proceeding the first or vice versa. Let's see if it works now... Uhh, this morning I woke up and had really bad cramps! Then I hobbled down the stairs in so much pain tears were streaming down my cheeks and I fumbled through the medicine cabnet for Midol! Whoo, on a role. Turns out that Midol for cramps is full of ibuprofen, which, on an empty stomach such as mine at the time, makes me very ill until I basically vomit! Well, I didn't vomit, and my cramps went away, and I'm guessing my good ol' Aunt Flo is coming in a day or so. Are you cringing yet? Writhing in your seat?

Good. All goes according to plan.

In all honesty, I do get it pretty bad that one week a month. My doctors want to put me on medication, but I'm determined to stick it out. It'll get better in a few years, right? Right? No?

What else happened today?... I can see over my six foot fridge, I guess that means I've actually hit the 6"1' mark!... I watched the Ellen Degenres Show 'cuz I glimpsed 'Lij while flipping the channels, just to watch in horror as he claimed to chew his toenails. I actually used to chew my nails badly when I was very young, something that transferred to pencils and, gulp, toenails (yeesh, I admit it)... which is strange, since I don't have an addictive personality *chews the fifth mint she's had in the past two minutes*. Tell ya what I did to quit, though, stopped. Cold turkey. It was hard, but you can't find a gum to ween yourself off of it. But I was about seven, so, no problems.

I have kicked my caffiene addiction, too. However, I digested an entire case of Happy Bunny mints in an hour (all fifty or so), and I've eaten two tins of Eclipse mints in the past two days. Luckily, there is mint gum, so I can depend on that to kick the habit, unlike the nail thing from when I was younger. I honestly don't understand why I'm so addicted to little breath fresheners. It can't be good for the state of my teeth, since they're all just flavoured tablets of sugar. Hmm... sugar...

This, folks, is the curse of the Irish race. 'Tis true. Our thoughts are so complex that we need some consistency to keep our prodigeous minds down to your low standards. Blame my ancestory for my genius! It could be worse, I could be addicted to the applying of chapstick. Or constructive work, because we all know that such nonsense will get you nowhere.

Well, I'm boring. Toodles!

I dunno, was the title written about me, or what? Nah, it's from Will & Grace.

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