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But it's time I take before I begin three sheets to the wind, three sheets to the wind...
[2004-06-26 @ 4:05 p.m.]

Not much time to chat! Not at all!

Yesterday it was raining very severly. So, of course, Mum and I went out for a day of fun! We went to her college to drop off a gift for her old teacher, then we went to find the drama department head, but the English department was completely empty! So we drank some tasty coffee and trotted around for a bit, only to find out that the college is having a special showing of Eternal Sunshine next month for a dollar! Well, a dollar for students, which means a dollar for her! Whooo! She said I could go. And I might get to take more acting lessons there, too, even though I'm still in highschool. Wouldn't that be so cool? Experience points for me! And then we went to Target and got some things necessary to life... including Josh Groban's old cd (which I'm listening to right now) aaand Along Came Polly!

I have to be truthful. It was possibly the most disturbing movie I've sat through in awhile. It was actually very disgusting. Highly gross. I liked it, it's very funny and cheerful, but I cringed every five minutes. But I saw my beloved bracelet! It's the one that Debra Messing is wearing at the wedding, sooo pretty! And now I wear the same exact one. Not to weddings, but I wear it. It's so cool because she's, like, my hero!

So then we ran through a painfully heavy downpour into and out of the drugstore to pick up medicine and chocolate. It was fun. The weather was so bad that tornadoes had been spotted a mile or so off! And we were in a car in very slowly moving traffic!

So, tonight we're going to see Taming of the Shrew as part of "Shakespeare in the Grove". It would be much more fun had it been titled "Shakespeare in the Groove", but it's a funny play nonetheless. And it's for extra credit in English next year. It feels like it's not even summer for me, though. I've got so much work to do for English and French and Gov't class next year this summer that I may as well be in school still. We even have to meet with our teacher for a "discussion" on the 2nd, as I was informed by email, at the public library. The library is holding a magic show soon, my brother is excited. With good reason, too, he's so freakishly good with magic! Then sooner or later comes the Trekkie Con that Kelly and I have been making a habit of going to. People are all dressed up as anime characters and Star Wars characters... it really boosts my self-confidence to be the most normal person there. And there's a mean old lady that makes paper swords for kids, but wouldn't make me one, I had to make it myself. I mean, c'mon, all I wanted was a newspaper sword! She said I was "too big" for one. I could only think that she was "too big" to still be dressing up like she's a hobbit, and that her moustache was "too big" to be seen in public, and that her ego was "too big" to be talking to little kids.

But I kept it to myself (until now) because it was just too mean. And I'm a nice girl (on the outside). But I've determined that people are just all around mean, and to just get used to keeping my feelings about others inside. They don't listen when I am frank, anyway. I have too much of a "sense of humour" to ever tell the truth about things. Or maybe it's just that I tell the truth about so many not nice things that people tune me out for their own sake. Because I can be very painfully blunt.

Well, I must go! My turn for hot water!

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