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[2004-07-01 @ 12:24 p.m.]

This should be short, I think. Yes, I do believe.

So, first there was Teletubbies, and now I saw a British children's show called Boombah. I have NO idea what it was about. I stopped to watch it because... because I have NO idea what it was about. It was strange. Just weird. There were these bright poofy aliens that couldn't possibly teach kids anything but that it's okay to be morbidly obese and wear day-glo, but it's not! I'm not sure why I feel inclined to tell you such things, but it greatly bothered me.

I've also realised that I'm a rather diluted person. I'm kinda ignorant when it comes to street-knowledge. One time my brother said, "Oh, that's decent," about something I was drawing at the time, and it hurt my feelings because the way I've always understood it, the word "decent" means barely sufficient, you know, okay. But he explained to me, "No! It's slang for cool!" Oh, silly me. See, it's a good thing and a bad thing. I'm afraid that when I move to NY that someone will offer me "pacman" or something, and I'll think the game and not LSD. Not that I'd respond to a stranger offering anything to me, but you know, it's just troubling.

Okay, what else? My hair is falling out. I was washing it this morning, and it's coming out in handfuls. It's all brittle and breaky at the roots, too, and some strands feel like wire. My hair used to be super-thick and nice and straight, but now it's thinning out and becoming coarse and icky. I want it to be thick and still keep the ever-deepening curl, though. It used to be so thick for awhile that I couldn't put a hair-band around a ponytail more than twice. It's just troubling.

And Mum found out that her old highschool/college chum was sent on active duty in the Middle East. She wants to send him a card. Ah, the bittersweet sediment in that, eh?

Umm, umm, pertaining to the upcoming elections, I have some interesting ideas about John Kerry that have been developing in my imagination. I mean, beyond the fact that he can't keep one opinion for more than a week, there's a theory on names that has a basis in the Bible (yes, this still pertains to Kerry). Okay, according to the Bible, words are seeds, and your name, yes yours, is a word. When someone calls you by your name, they are planting that seed in you, and your name affects your personality according to its meaning. For instance, my brother's name is Ben, and that means "Right Hand of God" and "Mountain", which gives him an upright, almost aloof, independent personality and strong character. Fits him perfectly. "Amanda" means "Much Loved One", well, my name isn't going to make people love me, but it has made me ultra sensitive and appreciative of finer points of art and nature. Well, the name "Kerry" means both "Cow" and "Little Dark One" in gaelic, so I ask you, what kind of a guy is this? I would rather have a president who is a form of shrubbery, wouldn't you? And this is what his first name creates: "Although the name John creates the urge to be reliable and responsible, we emphasize that it causes procrastination, lack of confidence, and the inability to realize your goals and ambitions." It also makes weak fluid systems, but we won't get into that, coughcough. And the Bible doesn't lie!

Well, I've just stepped over the seperation of Church and State barrier, haven't I? Hmm... well, guess I'd better just leave then. Oh, and the Iraqi Justice System is putting Saddam on trial, on their own, WITHOUT AMERICA. What's that? Oh, oh, what? Oh, we're not prying into their affairs? Oh, geez, IMAGINE THAT! Imagine the fact that we're letting Iraq be its own country, golly gee whiz! And how much oil did we get out of it? Uuuhhh, that's right, none. Trust me, if America were getting oil from Iraq, gas prices wouldn't be 3 dollars a gallon. I can't even fill half a tank 'round here anymore!

Oh, and today's title is from Shrek. I didn't mean for it to have a democrat reference, but hey, whatever!

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