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[2004-07-08 @ 6:01 p.m.]

And I breathe a long sigh of relief.

Remember those 40+ essays? Weeeellll, they were really more like 50+. Yeah. You see, I read the books before I wrote the essays (mistake number one) because I didn't want to take computer time away from my Mum day after day. Then my dad came down over last weekend, my work weekend, and even stayed an extra day, so I pushed back those 50+ essays into two days. Two days for over 50 essays. So, needless to say, I worked all day on Tuesday, and all day on Wednesday, and all this morning on those essays. I worked until 3:15 on the dot. My computer froze mid-print, I ran out of ink, and then my keyboard unplugged and the computer started hissing at me. But I persevered. My mum had to deliver my work, since I hadn't even gotten dressed, and my highschool (where my work needed delivered) is fifteen minutes away, and closes at precisely 3:30. So, I finished fifteen minutes before, my mum got there just as the people were leaving the office, and I have learned that procrastination doesn't actually always come to bite you in the butt, it actually provides for an interesting story and a reason to drink a lot of coffee.

'Cuz I'll tell you what, I haven't slept in two days.

Beyond that, it turned out to be roughly 50 pages of work. I think I can publish it as a novel all its own so it can have essays written on it. Which isn't funny, because I've had to write essays on essays on The Metamorphosis, and am still scarred.

In other news, I've become a Final Fantasy junkie. I don't ever even play video games, but the land of Spira got me. In other other news, you'd better watch it, Sarah, 'cuz I've finally got the time to finish up that lovely, oh so lovely, layout I've been promising! WOOHOO!

And thank Ben Stiller for today's title.

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