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[2004-07-09 @ 1:24 p.m.]

So, we're having our fence repaired, which requires it to be torn down. Digression leads to progression, I guess. Otherwise there wouldn't still be mods around, and I wouldn't be obsessed with the British Invasion.

So I'm sitting by the window, waiting for the people to get here, wondering whether or not I need to sketch Tinkerbell on graph paper for my sculpture. What do you think? Well, I'll have to ask my mom. I've decided what to put on canvas to go with it, I wanted to do an "around the world" theme, since the canvas will really be a kite. Get it? I'm going to tie together four sticks in a square and give it a kite tail, and then stretch and cure some canvases across it. So I wanted to paint one as the Taj Mahal, and another as a big ship on the ocean. Any other ideas? I was also contemplating cowboys or something. What do kids like? I know I was obsessed with the beauty of India when I was young, probably due to The Little Princess, which is a good movie in my opinion.

Anyway, yes. Fixed fences and Tinkerbell. Oh! I was flipping through the channels on the tv this morning, and passed the Country Music Channel. You don't understand my immense hatred of Country Music, so usually I skip the channel altogether. But this time something caught my eye... JACK SPARROW! He performed the heimlech (oh my word, a word I can't spell!) maneuver and did the walk and gosh dern everything! Ahh... I don't know what it is about pirates that is just so hot, I mean they're dirty, smelly, foul-mouthed, they never eat, you can probably sense alcohol before you see them, but geez! I guess it's like cowboys were in my Gammie's time, they're just rugged. Rugged like Ben Affleck (who, by the way, looks like he's been hit by a car lately... poor fella). But better.

So, yes. Pirates, Tinkerbell, and a fence. All a-brewin' around in my mind. I had to give back my video game. It was a rental, and it's sad because I actually liked playing it. I like playing Sims with my little brother sometimes, because he knows all the cheats, and it's fun pretending to have a big mansion and be a superstar who can perform real magic, not like the peesly little tricks I can really do. But even that after about 30 minutes drives me insane. But this was a good video game. I don't understand anything that was going on. Something about a thing named Sin and a bunch of spheres. I don't really care what was going on, it was just kinda fun! It reminds me of that one old video game, I don't remember the name, something like Metroid (I only half listen to my brother when he explains it), and the whole game you think the main player is a guy. The player does guy things with bombs and guns with this really heavy armor, so you can't tell. Then at the very end, he takes off his helmet, and he's a girl. Which I just always thought is cool. And I don't like video games as much as some people!

Anyway, I guess I've rambled enough! Today's title is from Ron Burgandy. Anchorman. Yay.

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