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I give up! I throw up my hands and jut out my hip!
[2004-07-13 @ 8:23 p.m.]

Another day flies by, and I've nothing to show for myself.

I cleaned my room a little. I'm unsure of the reasoning behind it, considering the fact that my room is the cleanest it's been in a few years. I'm trying to get my brother to do the same in his room, which looks not unlike a scene from Twister. But I'm not the one living in it, so why do I bother? He kept coming into my room, playing with some toy he hadn't seen in ten years, forgotten in light of his video games. "I can't believe I still have this!" Yeah, neither can I.

I guess it's a good thing I have no sedimental feelings about some material posessions. It makes packing quite handy. I only need to be able to fit in half of my closet. Wanting something for memories is vastly different than wanting to look good. Am I right or am I right?

Yeah, the heartless thing again. Well, anyway, the rest of the day has been spent on and off the computer, working on about four layouts at once. By the way, Sarah, I keep sending you a picture of your layout, and it keeps bouncing back. I don't know if it's a technofear setting in, or if my email has been blacklisted again, but whatever the case, I just wanted to tell you in case you've got five million messages all saying the same thing from me.

In any case, I've been reading the rest of the time. See, a few weeks ago, my brother gave me one of his books with high recommendations, and since I'm going through a children's books craze, I took a look at it. It's one of three in a series titled "Artemis Fowl" (by Eoin Colfer, I'm also reading at night a brief history on Ireland followed by various examples of its mythology by Eoin Something-or-other), I think the first one of the series is called Artemis Fowl (will wonders ever cease?), the second Artemis Fowl and the Arctic Incident, the third Artemis Fowl and the Eternity Code. I read for a half an hour nearly each night for about two and a half weeks, and finished the first two (keep in mind that when I read, I dissect every instance and analyse the makeup of the sentences or syntax, the word choice or diction, the tone, and, in this case, the irony). It took me more time than Harry Potter did. I read the first hundred pages of the third book, Eternity Code, in an hour. So this is how you know that the books, though juvenile in technique for someone of my affluence of knowledge (I am a few years over the recommended age), are very involving. Suffice it to say, I imagine every scene as if it were a film, and I really hoped it would become a movie.

But, hello! Harry Potter is in the way. Don't get me wrong, I love Harry, from the scar on his head, to the attitude of his puberty problems (that really bothered me in the fifth book, I kept wanting to yell at him to grow up and get over it already), but with a new director and more buzz than ever around the movies and books, I think that Artemis should wait. Which is exactly what he's doing. Apparently the filming was to begin in Ireland over the summer of 2003. That was pushed back for casting until the summer of 2004. Which has been pushed back due to insufficient funding because of the currency change (which was long before 2004, right?). Robert DeNiro was set to produce it, and didn't he produce Spy Kids? Well, then the money should be no problem, because I bet they had very lucritive funding on the set of Spy Kids. I think the reason it's been pushed back is because of Harry mania. Beyond that, A Series of Unfortunate Events is also coming out. I think it's wisest to prolong Artemis Fowl for a few more years, until a fourth one is written, and Artemis can have the spotlight to himself.

Which all makes me remember that trends of an era can provide clues as to the mentality of the people who lived through it. Is it possible that the new surge in fantasy books/video games/movies is really just an outlet for America's worries over terrorism plots? In which case, I think Artemis Fowl would stick out far too much, because although it's about fairies and magic, it's amazingly techy and mechy. It's like reading through present-day war strategies, but with sarcastic remarks. And the main character isn't a hero, but a criminal. And he looks like Macualay Culkin, who is the very face of EVIL!

I think my brother is starting to look like Macualay Culkin. And act like Artemis Fowl. I guess it's a good thing production has been pushed back, he'd be perfect. And he can fake the accent flawlessly. I should know, I taught him!

I was going to do an entire entry on how important I think the arts are... and what I've been talking about is even more boring... but too bad for you. Last entry was too revealing, even for me. So now I have to be cold and indifferent to make up for it.

Did I tell you? I might get to start actual college classes a little early, on an actual campus! See, I'm already taking three college classes through the highschool next year, my final year in highschool anyway (may as well get some of my college credits out of the way), but Mum said I might be able to take some classes at the community college in the drama department! YAY! If they have night classes, I can take those, if not, I'll take them next summer before I leave for Columbia. Which is superb, because from what I've seen of this drama department, I wish I hadn't really seen it. If that makes any sense. So more acting lessons for me! And then I'll be famous! And rich! So rich that insufficient funding in Ireland due to currency change will be no problem for me.

I'm also currently shopping around for a new layout. DON'T HIT ME!!! He's beautiful and talented and all, but I'm above being a snivvling fangirl. I have my own personality, and I think maybe my layout should feature that instead of someone else's. It was nice having a pretty face on here, but maybe it's time for a change. If not for the aforementioned reasons, then for the simple metaphor representing the changes in my life.

I'm starting to realise that however romantic the idea of only having a present is, it's far better to look at life through a past and a present to have a better future. And a better future is what I'll have. Who knows, maybe I'll be the best-selling author of a famous children's book myself someday. And I'll sell the movie rights to my own producer friends, and have my younger brother star in the title role... which is weird, because he wants to direct, and I want to act. Okay, scratch that and reverse it.

And today's title is from Will & Grace. If it doesn't make sense, create a visual of Jack McFarland saying it... there ya go.

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