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[2004-07-15 @ 11:16 a.m.]

I feel, and look, like I haven't had sleep in weeks. Which is overshadowed by the fact that we're finally having a new fence put in! No more looking at those ugly neighbours! Which is really ironic considering the huge dark circles under my eyes right now. I'm soooo tired.

I'm still looking for a nice, new, purdy layout! I've had actors, and musicians. I'm really tired of looking at people that have the job that I want. Acting, not music. It makes me feel despondant instead of happy. I think instead I need something from a movie, or from a book, or something from nature, or something really quirky and vintage-inspired. Like those old Coca-Cola tins. I could always make my own quirky vintage layout... I've got enough quirky vintage pictures on my computer due to my mum's business to... I dunno, make a layout! I was going to say "choke a horse", but that's such a hick thing to say. And who wants to choke a horse?

My brother keeps calling me "Hermione". Okay, just because my fluffy hair makes me look like I'm continuously licking lightsockets doesn't mean that I look like Hermione. I'd at least like to say that my hair has some curl to it, instead of just looking poofy. But it looks poofy. I guess I'm getting my just reward for calling him "Harry" a few years ago. Everywhere he went, kids and adults alike kept asking him, "Aren't you that kid in Harry Potter?" He had the round-ish glasses (though they weren't black), and the big eyes and stuff, and my family does look very U.K. because of our pale skin, but he didn't have black hair, he has blond-ish red hair. Or red-ish blond hair. But people wouldn't leave him alone about it. Everytime he went to the doctor's office, the nurses would laugh and say, "Pip pip cheerio, Harry!" "Would you like a cuppa, Harry?" "Just chuck some meds in a bag for Harry, even though he doesn't need it, he's got magic!" "Hahaha!" Well, now I'm Hermione, so I really got what was coming to me, egging on the nurses like I did, humming the Harry Potter theme song before he walked into rooms.

And he'll never let me live down, "'Scuse me, Missus, are you Arwen?" Do I look like Arwen to you? No. No I don't. Thanks, but no thanks.

Anyway. I really should be reading Invisible Man, and it's quite an intriguing book, but I can't put Artemis Fowl down. I can't help it, I don't know what's wrong with me. My inner child calls for it. Calls for it in that whiney annoying voice, "But I want to read Artemis Fowl!" And I just don't want to finish it because I don't have the fourth one in the series because I don't know if it exists! I think it's called "The Artemis Fowl List", and there's a story called "The Seventh Dwarf" that fits between the first and second book, but I own neither book, nor am I sure that they're real. Sort of like all those fake Harry Potter titles.

By the way, the real title for the sixth Harry Potter book, in case you haven't heard, is Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Yes. It was on CNN. And it's not finished yet. Which sucks because I wanted to be Hermione at the Harry Potter pre-release party at my bookstore and read to the kids there. I'd have to get some coloured contacts for brown eyes, but hey! It'd be fun.

So, I keep missing the first fifteen minutes of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy: UK Edition. You guessed it! They showed the British FabFive instead of America's FabFive on tv! They made over a guy who wanted to host British Access Hollywood. Which doesn't make sense to me, because there isn't a Hollywood there... wouldn't it be something like Access London? And don't we already have a British host on our version? Anyway, I always miss the part where they invade and destroy his old house before rennovating it, and that's the funniest part! I dunno though, our FabFive was a lot quippier than the other FabFive. I think good ol' Carson, Kyan, Jai, Ted, and Thom are just pee-your-pants funny. They can be a whole lot meaner too, that's what's great. The tough-love thing. But there's something to be said for Mr. Bean. I doubt that even Will Ferrel could pull some of that stuff off.

Haha, driving a car from the car's roof with a mop... haha, Rowan Atkinson is soooo funny! But Will Ferrel's tiny cellphone is hilarious, too!

I have no idea why I'm rambling now. I think I need to calm down to some Telemann and Bach. And some Artemis Fowl. Before my head explodes.

And today's title is from Will & Grace.

And, Sarah, my dear, anytime you want that layout, just send me all your links' html names, and what you want them to be labeled as (because I wanted to try something nifty with them), and I'll send you back le produit fini!

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