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I'm not wearing pantiesh!
[2004-07-17 @ 9:31 p.m.]

That's what Sean Connery said. Well, that's what someone on VH1 said that Sean Connery said. Because he wears kilts. But when I wear kilts, I wear panties. Just so you don't think that I'm not wearing panties. I am. They're pink! And my kilt isn't in my tartan, it's the Thompson tartan. Just so you don't think I'm a Thompson. Which, I don't know why you would, because you've obviously never seen me in a kilt. I do have a blanket in my tartan though, from Ireland. And...

Oi. Oi vey.

See, I don't really know how to spell that. But I tried.

Anyway, the past few days have been rather eventful in comparison to any other day. Thursday we got our fence, and around nightfall, Mum and I moved the old fence posts that were tipped in cement that weighed a few hundred pounds all on our own (we had to drag most of them). The men are coming back for the waste wood, but they didn't have time when they were here, and the wood was killing what little grass we have left. See, we're supposed to move in a year (we're expecting $360,000 for our house, I live in a good neighbourhood), so my gammie reseeded the grass right before a hurricane came and ripped it all out by the roots, promptly ripping our fence out by the roots, too. From what I understand, Europe (especially the Isles) doesn't get the same storms America gets. See, I have some neighbours from England that moved in, and they were so scared by a thunderstorm that we had to come over and talk them through it. And they say that our refridgerators are too big. Apparently European fridges are only three feet in height, ours are six. Which makes sense because the French shop for groceries every morning. I think it's a better system than the American way: bake some pizza, eat it until it's gone a few days later, then go out for some fast food.

Anyway, then yesterday Mum took me to the mall. FUN! I got a new pair of shorts from NY&Co. for $15 (hooray! Sale!). Then we went to Bath and Body Works for a birthday gift for my friend and a gift for my brother's school nurse. We spent $80. Ack! But, we got two weekender bags that normally cost $40 for FREE! I love sales. I really do.

So then yesterday night, Mum took me to a movie at the local college, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. It was supposed to be a dollar, but it ended up being free. And I felt particularly artsy in the process. She said she liked it, but I dunno. I LOVED it. I really, really, really hated the characters of Mark Ruffalo and Elijah Wood. Not that the acting was bad, but the characters were soooo mean. But Jim Carrey was fantastic, and Kate Winslet was, of course, fabulous. It was so complex, so drawing, so involving... it was more suspenseful than Secret Window but in a non-scary way. But it was just thrilling to sit back and just watch it unfold, just fantastic. I don't recommend it for people that like big movies, it's not large in budget, and it requires full attention. But if you really like true film, if you understand that film doesn't have to be grand-scale to be good (look at any superhero movie outside of Spiderman), if you like thinking about films, then you'll love it. It's officially on my top-movie list ever. I know a lot of people that wouldn't even consider sitting all the way through it, because some people just like quick satisfaction movies that provide no plot, no meaning, American Pie movies, The Girl next Door, The Ring, some people are so gullible! I just adored the movie, and I could see it a million times and never get bored. It deserves best screenplay, without a doubt, at the Oscars.

Anyway, yes, so today I went to my friend's birtday party! My dear friend Amanda! (yes, there are a lot of Amandas where I live... I'm changing my name) But not before I bought a new bathing suit. It was an ordeal. My old suit I bought a few years ago, when my (how do I euphemise this?) bust was a lot smaller. I'm not very busty anyway, but enough to fall out when the top got heavy with water. So I had to go out and buy another suit. Well, silly me, I bought shorts instead of a bottom to the bikini top I loved, so I had a nasty ordeal trying to keep it on in the water. Mum said I can get the proper bottoms tomorrow or something. But, I also found a cordorouy skirt for $10! No lie. I know I sound so shallow, but I don't buy stuff every day. Only when I really need a new pair of pants, or a new pair of shorts. So when I find something that's really cheap, and Mum's all for it, it's exciting! It's a very comfy skirt, too! And I got a card, and headed to the party. We went swimming, brewed up the gossip (some very interesting news about my next door neighbour... a-hem), ate a lot, went through unbearably uncomfortable lapses of silence because not too many people knew each other, my friend, Jennifer, that I hadn't seen in a month showed up and I just freaked out because she's just awesome and I missed her so much! And that made my day. I haven't spoken to her since the last week of school, so I was stressed out about where she was and if she was healthy or if she got into an accident...

Anyway, yes. So for now I've got some quiet time. Exactly what I don't want. Time to read.

I was going to take this entry to talk about one subject, but it's long enough. And very superficial and kinda boring unless you wanna hear about my day. I have a lot of thoughts to share, but it'd just take up a lot of time. I'll share 'em next time.


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