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[2004-07-20 @ 3:19 p.m.]

Sooo, the war is on. La guerre. La grande guerre, la guerre de la monde trois. El warro (so I don't speak Spanish... sue me).

You may or may not remember a little situation with my fence (well, my parents' fence). See, nearly a year ago, a disastorous hurricane swept my area in Virginia, and also swept away our old fence. It was left in shambles, and we were reduced to holding it up with any and every means necessary (old swings, bricks, ropes... you name it) until the insurance company gave us the $4,000 needed to rebuild, which was a month or so ago. So we tore down the old fence, that had ran between these two old trees. As it turns out, the fence posts had grown into the trees.

You see, we built the original fence two inches within our property line . Half of one tree was on the neighbour's property, which was more than two inches. So we just built the original fence between the two trees. But since it grew into the trees, we couldn't build the new one there again. And we can't build around the second tree into their property. So we built it around the other tree, cutting around both in a rounded "V" shape. So, the trees are still on our property, but behind our fence. Moving the fence isn't moving the property line.

So this morning we received this very volatile note:

".....These are not our trees and we will not be responsible for any damage that they may cause... You did not have the common decency to even check with us concerning the property line and installation. Your 'old post' which clearly marks the property line on our side is still standing, with all of the visible holes from your old posts on our side of the fence....."

Only it was longer, and filled with information I obviously had to cut because I don't want stalkers. Anyway, they gave us ten days to move the fence, threatening legal action. They claimed that they cut down 13 trees in their backyard before moving in, which is an utter lie.

So the war is on. And they are going DOWN. Mum's on the phone with a lawyer right now, actually.

Very stressful. Very stressful, indeed.

In other news pertaining to trees, down by the public library, I've noticed that a group of new expensive mansions are being built (again... as if there aren't enough 'round here), and an entire forest currently lays in smouldering heaps on the ground. Hundreds of acres of trees. Dead. For land development so the stupid town can get even more crowded than it currently is. I wanted to throw up when I saw it. New people to press legal action against, and old trees gone but not forgotten.

And those are my pointless ramblings. I've also been playing with chalk recently, and drew a nifty image of what I thought was the wind but looks like a banshee. See, it was a woman with flowing hair, but I had to draw it on black construction paper because the chalk was so light (it wasn't artist chalk, it was chalk chalk because artist chalk is unfindable and unaffordable for a mere teenager with no money or resources such as myself). So she looked kinda sickly. I also lacked white chalk (believe it or not), so I had to fill in the whites of her eyes with a light blue. She looked kinda crazy. But when I find some AA batteries for my digital camera, I'll post the picture on here anyway. Be prepared... banshees are soooooo scary...


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