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Okay, now you're freakin' me out!! There are crumbs on the carpet, your robe doesn't match your socks, and, oh, my gosh, there's no product in your hair! I'm calling 9-1-1!
[2004-07-26 @ 8:05 p.m.]

Garsh, I love being boring. It makes interesting things even more interesting than usual! I complain a lot about doing nothing, but I guess when I move out and actually have to start living a real life, it'll become a hassle. Especially doing the same things every day. Luckily NY might have more things to do than Virginia...

Speaking of interesting things, my neighbour's car was vandalised. Some white car pulled next to her driveway, a girl ran out with a tube of lipstick, and then she smeared the word "Porker" onto the otherwise clean back windshield, underlined it, then drove off in a hurry. Oh! Maybe you need some insight to my neighbour, so you understand why I'm rather indifferent about this. She is... mean. Just, really, really, really mean. She likes you when and if you can provide something for her, from information to monetary assets. She pretends to be someone else around others with an extreme high-pitched voice (worse than Karen Walker) because she thinks it's cute, but when she's around lil ol' me, she speaks like a normal person because I'm "not fashionable" as her parents have informed me. Yep, the reason she doesn't like me is because I'm "not fashionable." So, pardon me that I don't really care. I sort of feel sorry for her because washing a car costs money, but I think whatever happened she had coming to her. From what I understand, she's abandoned most of her friends anyway.

Oh, this is what gets me. I saw one of her friends at the library the other day, a girl who's fantastically bright and funny and pretty, we used to be pretty good friends, too. But now it's just like we talk if we have to. Well, she pointed out that I had a Hilfiger flag on my tanktop, like, "Oh my gosh, you're wearing name brand." She was kidding, but it was kind of meant. And it's my neighbour that fuels that stuff. I spend outrageous amounts of money on clothes, most of which get ruined out of the spite of others (like sitting on purple ink in a new $60 skirt from Express, which was wool with a silk lining that can't be fixed now). I shop where everyone else shops, Banana Republic, New York and Company, Express, sometimes even (gasp) American Eagle. But when I buy a company's clothing, I refuse to buy the shirts and stuff that say the company's name all over it, because I think they should pay me to advertise their junk. That's just the way I think. So, pardon me that I skip right over the plain white shirt that says "Banana Republic" on it because all it is is a billboard. People buy those styles because it lets people know that they can afford expensive clothing. Those kinds of people are the people that live next door to me. Do you get what I'm saying?

I really hate shopping for clothes lately anyway. Everything I put on looks awkward because I'm so flippin' tall. Shirts are supposed to go at least an inch below the waistline of your pants or skirt, mine don't even reach the waistline because of my long torso. I have to constantly buy my jeans too big so they can reach my ankles, and then I look fat where I'm not. And shoes just weren't made to cover up my clown feet. So I always feel really bad about myself wherever I go because I try to dress nicely, and I look like I have no clue on what I'm doing. Because stores just don't carry clothing for girls who are 6'1".

What was I talking about? Self-esteem? Well, anyway, I had fun at Kelly's house. First we went to a boring Trekkie con to make fun of the Trekkies. No Japanese men is skirts showed up, and it wasn't broadcasted on tv like last time. It was actually kinda boring. I did see the evil lady with the mustache that wouldn't make me a paper-sword last year, in the same sorry-excuse for a gown from the Middle Ages that I've ever seen. There were also the scrawny fencing kids out on the lawn that wear elf ears. And there were the familiar anime art stands in the Trekkie room which was just so much fun to see. There's nothing like the spurt of self-esteem that's given by seeing people dressed as Captain Kirk. There were about six to seven different Eowyns there, no hobbits this time *snaps fingers*. Some people tried selling me their comic book art, to which I replied that my mother had the money. They said to bring her down, and I said, "She doesn't have legs." They didn't get the hint. I don't want to buy people's pictures of DareDevil when I spent all last semester of Physics class drawing him for my teacher, flawlessly I might add! And I got free movie posters and a movie rewards card from that girl I told you about. It was interesting seeing her, I guess. After that, Kelly and I baked a cake (at her house, not at the library), drooled over Johnny Depp, and watched three movies! House of Sand and Fog is spectacular. I sincerly recommend it to any movie fanatics, because you'll love it. But, again, it's not for people who enjoy blockbuster hits, because it requires attention and a love for pure cinematography and perfect acting. Butterfly Effect turned me into an official Ashton Kutcher fan. I didn't think he had it in him, I really didn't. I thought, "Just because he has a beard doesn't mean he can act in dramas." Oh, but he can do it, he can. That was an intense, intense movie. The first ten minutes nearly gave me a heartattack. It wasn't an entirely innovative concept, but the way it was done really, really impressed me, I have to be honest. And I didn't like the alternative ending. Monster was awesome. Not for those with a weak constitution, because it's some pretty open stuff (to be honest, some of the "intimate" scenes kinda grossed me out, not to sound offensive and homophobic, because I'm not, but you know what I mean), but Charlize Theron was so fantastic in that role. I really think that Christina Ricci was good, too. She didn't get a whole lot of recognition. I think that if you want to see real acting, that's the movie you want to pick up. And I'm understating it, a lot. The movie made me cry at the end, but Kelly fell asleep. She fell asleep when Aileen was raped and committed the first murder. How can you fall asleep during that? Well, it was a very good movie. None of the above movies were for kiddies, so don't plan on watching them when you babysit. K?

Well, beyond that... nope, I got nothin'. I want some coffee... Umm, my dad's coming this weekend. He says he wants "one more trip to Busch Gardens" with us. How nice of him. Heaven forbid he visit us because he wants to spend time with my brother and I. That's his polite way of saying that he doesn't want to be here for Mum's birthday or their wedding anniversary.

Oh joy oh joy.

The title is from Will & Grace. From Grace to Will when he became stuck on painkillers. Who wears socks with a robe?

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