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[2004-07-29 @ 8:18 p.m.]

Garsh, I feel so sick. You just don't know how sick I feel right at this very moment.

That being said and out of the way, there was supposed to be an AP meeting tomorrow, for AP English, but I've heard nothing about it for a month, so I doubt that it's still happening. Instead Mum's taking my brother and I to see The Village, the dedicated M. Night fans that we are. His real first name is Manoj, or I think that's how you spell it. And he was born in India, and went to NYU, but lives in Philly. Purdy cool? I learned it watching that mockumentary on SciFi about his "buried past". My brother knows more about him than I do, though. He's my brother's "hero". Anyway, speaking of my brother, it's almost his birthday in a month or so, and I have no clue on what to get him. I think Mum was going to get him an archery set, but do you know the pain he'll put me through with that one? "You can't use it without my permission!" I guess as long as I have my own, polished, 23-pound long bow, I'll be fine. Not that I already know what I want... But I can't get him a bow that I'll use. I was thinking maybe a copy of the Sixth Sense on dvd, since he just loves those movies, but I think he'd still prefer something along video game lines... video games that I really can't afford and can't ask for money for. Those things aren't cheap!

Anyway. I hope I feel better soon, because I'm supposed to go to Busch Gardens soon! I don't know how soon... but Kelly's going! Yay! We should ride all the rides and see all the shows and eat corned beef sandwiches in Ireland 'till we PUKE! ALRIGHT!

Oh! I found out this morning that the neighbour that lives across the street from me is a film maker. I didn't know. I saw a bit of one of his "Christian" films that didn't seem very "Christian" or very "good", but it won a "Silver Remi Award for Works In Progress". It was actually pretty terrible. I do better plotting just adlibbing horror plots with my brother. And better cinematography with a bumpy Blair-Witch camera. I dunno though, they seem like nice enough people. Sometimes. They're just not very good with what they do for a living (*ouch*).

Oh, and the neighbour living in the back of us sent us another letter. This time threatening us with legal action based on my father's phone calls. They said something like, "We listed our number on the last letter for contact information, not harrassment." Well, if it was for contact information, why didn't they pick up the telephone and talk to us?!? Dad said that he only told them to pick up the phone, and that they were cowards for not doing so, and that we weren't going to take "immediate action" to move our fence because they don't have a "legal leg to stand on." He called them no names, he only told the truth. ...though, sometimes, he sounds very mean when he doesn't mean to... Well, they're fully willing to make it a court case, so, we're fully willing to kick their butts in court. If we movie our fence within our property lines, our trees are not on their property, and they have no right to complain about the trees being there. And if we win the case, then they have to pay half of our attorney bills.

And our attorney bills aren't very high because the lawyer likes my mum. Ben and I think he fancies her, but that's really none of our business.

And my dad was supposed to come visit this weekend, but he decided to come for Mum's birthday on the 13th instead. Oh, how novel. I guess I can plan my senior picture hair in peace, then!

Speaking of novels, I have some reading to do. Toodles!

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