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Bush '04
[2004-07-30 @ 9:21 p.m.]

I wish I were 18... oh, how I wish I was just one (one) year older...

Because then I could vote, and make my voice heard. Unfortunately, that's not the case. And unfortunately, the truth will be overshadowed by more popular influences.

So, I'm gonna take a minute or thirty to describe to you, American or not, the situation of politics in the good ol' US of A. Because there are a lot of people in every country that just don't understand, and probably prefer it that way. Nearly a week ago, Gerber's Baby Food was found laced with ricin, a higly poisonous drug, so deadly that only one needle point is needed to kill an adult. From what I understand, there were two or three isolated cases of this incident, and all cases had notes inside of the food saying that it had been tampered with. I have no idea why or how it happened, but it did, and everybody's scared because everybody thinks it's terrorism.

Now, some people out of the US probably think, "Oh, yeah, what a scary country." But, sadly, it is. And the scariest thing is that it's so scary, it actually makes me watch CNN in the morning. It's true. I watch the news. And I've been picking up some information about the two main candidates for the presidency of America, John Kerry and George Bush.

Oooh, noooo, why is she talking about this again? Because I can't vote. Der. But I've been realising a lot about the two, and the two parties behind them. I've realised things about the democrats that I've never realised before, so you'd better listen up.

It's better to accept people for who they are, right? I mean, if somebody's into child pornography, that's his or her business, as long as it's not hurting anybody, right? No, it's not okay. There are bad people in the world, and I choose not to be associated with them. What I've noticed about Democrats and Republicans is their ability to "accept". Well, Democrats call it "acceptance", I think it's more the ability to recognise wrong from right. For instance, a Democrat would have no problems doing business with a person who regularly participates in porn movies or something like that, because he's not hurting anybody, that's his business. I'd, as a Republican, refuse to work with someone with lack of morals because he needs to know that what he's doing isn't right. I'm not making people change, if they change, that's their problem. However, I don't approve, and therefore, I don't have to work with them. They could be the nicest people on Earth, but if they do drugs, I can still be friends with them, but there's gonna be a limit on how much I trust them. I see that some behaviour doesn't warrant trust, however, Democrats trust everyone. That's just a little something I thought I'd share.

Beyond that, the opposing sides also have opposing views. I think the biggest view to be tackled is the view on the war in Iraq. I'm going to approach this in a nice way, if you think that Kerry is planning on ending the war, then you're wrong. He said he's going to "improve" the situation, by fixing the mistakes. He is not going to end the war at all. He's saying that he's going to fix the troops, which I don't think is an attack on Bush, it's an attack on the army. He's going to improve the army, and I really don't think you can improve the American Army, but nobody seems to hear what he says.

Indeed, none of his speaking supporters at the Democratic National Convention could even honestly say that he'd carried out any of his plans as Senator, and that nothing had changed during his span in office. That's because his mind on every issue changes every two months, and nothing he promised on his Senator Campaign was followed through on. Beyond that, the economics issues were barely touched on, because, in truth, George Bush has vastly improved the American economy with millions of jobs through, oh gosh, what's that? TAX CUTS!

That's right, Tax Cuts, Kelly... They're good, aren't they? Yes, they are. They let us have more money! (Don't be mad at me, just wanted to let you know!)

So, he's not going to end the war in Iraq, and he can't really improve the economic standing... and if he didn't do anything as Senator, then what's he gonna do as President? Well, I dunno, let's ask Ben Affleck. Or maybe Bon Jovi. Actually, let's go ahead and ask Whoopi Goldberg, the perfect example of Democratic "acceptance". At a rally for Kerry, she began to call Bush the dirtiest names imaginable, in front of children and adults alike, but, heavens knows that she was only speaking her mind. She can't be punished for that, can she? Well, I think she can. There's a difference between censorship, and calling people foul names in front of children. It's fine to say it, yes it is, but with proper warning... that is, if you have morals. So, of course the Republicans are up in arms, but the Democrats defend her. It's not right. It's just not! Give forewarning so that parents know when to cover children's ears. I'm serious. You see John Kerry waveboarding, windsurfing, surfing in general, he had botox, hangs out with Bon Jovi... he's trying to be "cool" to get the young'uns to vote for him. I'm only seventeen, and I can see right through it. I feel sorry for the 18-20 year-olds diluted enough to fall for it. And if they didn't fall for his youth campaign, they'll see Ben Affleck supporting him! Okay, Ben Affleck isn't stupid, he's quite intelligent... when it comes to acting and screenwriting, for sure. But I'm not going to let Einstein make political decisions for me, let alone Ben Affleck. And since when do people trust Jack Black with their choices? Well, I guess since Kerry...

And, to be honest, he did win three purple hearts. That's about all he's got to show for himself, those three purple hearts. That's all I've seen, outside of the botox, and his Heinz Ketchup Heiress wife (that tells reporters to "shove it" no less). On the commercials for his campaign, he's shown trudging through the jungles of Vietnam. But, be honest, how many people in Vietnam were followed around with video cameras their entire stay? Uhmmm... none. He doesn't look very young in the videos to me, either. I honestly think that they're "dramatazations". Well, maybe I'm wrong. Maybe a cameraman had the foresight that the, at the time, unknown John Kerry would, thirty years from that point, run for President of the United States, and promptly followed him around, taping his every overly joyous move.

Or not.

Now, I'm not saying that George Bush is the perfect president. But, I'm just saying that he's a million times better than Kerry. He doesn't support abortion (which, is murder one way or another), he's got morals, he supports Space Exploration (a means of curing diseases that have plagued my family for ages from cancer to diabetes through a more thorough study of physics), he makes up his mind about things, and he's never had botox injections.

Thank you. And goodnight. Oh, and my dad is a Democrat. Figures, don't it? Just goes to show...

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