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[2004-08-01 @ 7:35 p.m.]

Why do people say things like "huggles"? Is it cute? Is it funny? I find it utterly sickening. It's like a step down on the intelligence ladder. Of course, I say "Toodles", but I've been saying that for ages. But all of a sudden, I'm seeing "huggles", it's like bathing in a pink bath of lollipops and dollies. Why? It's not even cute. It's faux-cute. It's like the Diet Coke of cute, just one calorie, not cute enough.

I'm seeing a great digression in mental capacity. I noticed it in The Village, like, they really used to talk like that, didn't they? Well, yeah, mainly because children spent time learning instead of playing videogames all day. I guess I can't say anything, because I'm not the brightest bulb in the box (as a matter of fact, my bedroom consumes the most lightbulbs in the entire house, they're always burnt out), and I spend a lot of time watching junk on tv. I also spend waaaay too much time on here, this waste of time computer. I hate it that I'm so addicted to it. I want to quit everything that I belong to minus this diary. I count this diary as a diary, and I think that everyone needs a diary, plus, I love all of the buddies I've made through it! But, for heaven's sake... I think I'll do just that. I'll have to wait a week, because I'm entered in a contest or two, and then I'll just use the computer for constructive things. And I'll start spending more time doing things I want to do, instead of settling on what I can do.

Which doesn't give me much of a choice. Uhmm... there's nothing to do around here. Well, it's not that, but we never have the time to do it in. My mum's been watching seminars on the computer for college credit, each one is about an hour long. So my brother and I get to sit around. Maybe I'll start deep-down-cleaning. My brother's room needs it... and then I can start on the Dining Room, and help in the Computer Room, and then the Living Room, and the Kitchen (again)... the laundry room needs a good dusting... and my bedroom could use a rug cleaning. Mum took a bunch of stuff out of the eves and put it in my room a few months ago, and it's all stuff that's ten to fifty years old. As soon as it's all put away again, I'll get to properly wash my rug!

In other news, I've been inspired (yay!)! For the longest time I've been itching on making a good at-home-movie. But what to make it about? I don't have the money or resources for anything special, so I'll have to make it pretty strong in the plot and dialogue department. Which sucks, because I was fresh out of good ideas. For awhile I wanted to do something about a teenager who thinks she's gonna die, like in her bed kinda death, and everybody sort of ignores her (like a dark comedy), but I couldn't think of an interesting place to carry it. So I pushed that into the back of my mind. Then I wanted to do something about female bootleggers, documenting the beginning of feminism, but I don't have the budget for the costumes (and my mum's a costumer, I know how expensive it can be!), so I'm pushing that one to the back of my mind. So what kind of a movie can a teen with no money do that's still interesting? I can't think of anything original for a romance movie, nor will I be able to find a guy willing to play in one. I can't think of anything new for a drama, because I'm just unimaginative like that. I'm dried out of humour, because I use it too much, I need something different. So The Village came in the nick of time! Well, it came in the perfect time in a lot of weird ways (you'll see in my last entry), but this gave me some great ideas. I should do a sort of thriller! I mean, that's how Shyamalan started, and I've seen some of his first films from when he was a kid, and they were good, even if the lighting was just a flashlight in a closet! So, why can't I do the same?

So, I started a-thinkin' last night. I thought for a long time about what surprised me in human nature. I find that one thought that kept coming back to me was that people can be blocked out. For instance, one time my father was looking for me, he was kinda mad because I dumped his coffee out or something like that. So I hid. But I hid out in the open. I stood in the middle of the back porch, in the backyard where he was looking for me, clearly visible by normal people, but I guess he was so mad that even though he was looking for me, he subconsiously didn't want to see me at all, and he walked right past me, blind to my existence. As long as I stand still, he won't see me. So, I starting wondering if other people block people out of sight when they're angry or hurt, just on accident! And that's where I got my idea. So, I gave away the twist, but it'll seem like a totally different kind of movie at first. I think I want it to take place in the winter, so I can stage unmanned footprints and stuff in the snow, so I've got awhile to work out the kinks and gather my cast and script. But, YAY! I've finally got a semi-decent idea! I've got a few planned scenes in my head... rollin' around up there like, like, like something that rolls...

Well, I'm sure I've bored you enough! Toodles (but not huggles!)!

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