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[2004-08-05 @ 12:09 p.m.]

Where have I been?!? Do you really want to know?

I've been overloaded! Well, I finished my second of three over-the-summer English assignments. Now all I have left are two more books to read, essays disguised as scrapbooks to do, an entire Constitution to all but memorise, and seventeen chapters of French.

Oh joy.

But I get to go to Busch Gardens tomorrow with Kelly! And we're gonna ride rides and eat food and watch acrobats and... ahh! Too much to do in so little time! Hmm... And I have to clean out my mum's car tomorrow, too. I have to get up early to help pack insulin and sunscreen and such things! Oooh, I can't wait to go to Ireland, and France, and England! We should see the Haunted Lighthouse movie! It's got pirates (and who can't love pirates? they're so rugged)! And it's got Weird Al (and who can't love Weird Al? he's so... weird)! And we can see the leprechaun, and ride Alpengeist, and make fun of the leprechaun, and ride Roman Rapids, and throw things at the leprechaun, and see the oompa band at the festhaus, and ridicule and abuse and taunt and all but kill the leprechaun!

Kill the leprechaun? KILL THE LEPRECHAUN!!!

And we can goof off, and flirt with the foreign boys who barely speak English, or make fun of them if they flirt with us, or make fun of them anyway, and we can see Imaginique and watch the performers literally soar overhead and astound us, and we can get our faces painted so that we look like tigers or butterflies, and we can drink coffee and crush grapes in Italy! Ahh! And Kelly can finally see how Mum and Ben and I all function as a strange and yet loving family, because I always see her family, but she never sees mine! And, and, and... And. That's it. Just and.

Can you tell I get out, uh, never? Well, yeah. I get excited over visits to the grocery store. Especially the one called Harris Teeter, they have the coolest food ever! And my favourite pomegranite juice. Because who doesn't love pomegranites (and if you've raised your hand, you're lying)? That's right, everyone loves pomegranites! Much like Starbucks coffee, it's the ambrosia of the Gods! YAY! And the seeds are ever so tasty. But it's out of season, so my only pomegranity-goodness can be obtained by drinking the juice. And it's good for my heart. And it's low in carbs for juice, so it fits well with the lovely South Beach diet I might just take up. And it was on Queer Eye, and I always listen to the Fab Five.

Can you tell that I'm kind of hyped up on coffee? I'm usually a little more subdued than this. Kinda depressing, actually. Especially lately...

Aaand the title is from Will and Grace! Don't worry, I don't think it's supposed to make sense! (Though it does slightly remind me of the nightmare I had last night where Bruce Willis kept popping up everytime I'd run away from him, and he kept shouting life lessons at me... maybe I'm watching too much television...)

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