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Bruce Willis in a thong! EWW!
[2004-08-07 @ 9:49 p.m.]

Goodness! I had fun yesterday.

You can't laugh at that picture. Yeah, okay, go ahead. I'm at the top, the saloon girl, Kelly's the one with the rifle, Mum's the one with the parasol, my brother's the Macaulay Culkin look alike gangster up in front (he's sooo cute!). It's not the best picture of me (I was sans makeup... and sans expression, and sans good hair since my bangs still had the wave where the pin was), but, what the hey!

Well, I guess it was nice to just get out. I went to Busch Gardens yesterday with Mum and my brother and Kelly. The traffic was horrible, it took a few hours to get there instead of the forty minutes that I'm used to. I really had to pee, so we played "the thong game" to pass the time! Do you wanna know how to play the thong game? It's a game of my own creation!

Okay, it's a game of wit and strength. You have to be witty enough to pick the grossest person to wear a thong, and you have to withstand your opponent's thong creations! I always start off with "Bruce Willis in a thong" (hence the title), because that's just gross. Next someone might say, "John Goodman in a thong", then maybe something like, "Mr. Bean in a thong" or "Michael Jackson in a thong". It's okay to go, "EWW! GOSH! EWWW!" But the first person to render everyone else in the game speechless and without any more people for thongs is the one who wins. Mum won, but I won't tell you her example. It was just nasty. But it's a wonderful way to pass the time! And now you know the thong game!

Okay, anyway. We finally got there, parked way out in the middle of nowhere (aka the Scotland parking lot), and went into a very crowded England. There were an estimated 27,000 guests that day. And it wasn't very hard to tell. The lines for food were long. The lines for rides were long. The line for pictures was really really really long. And it was just excruciating. I'm afraid that we didn't do as much as Kelly would have liked, and we did stuff that she really hated, but we still did stuff. And no one was locked up in a house with nothing but video games. Umm... I saw Imaginique twice, I could tell that Kelly hated it the first time. She sorta fidgeted the whole show, but I'm glad she sucked it up and just got over it, because the second time is my last time of seeing it, possibly ever, so I just had to sit through it once (plus, at ten, which is when the second show starts, is when the rides are all shut down, so it was either sit through it again or go home). We rode on two water rides and a rollercoaster (yep, it was that crowded), and we didn't even get to ride the coaster in the front row, since it was time for dinner. We ate in Ireland, and as fast as we could, because I thought my brother's blood sugars were low.

Hmm... maybe I should have warned you, Kelly, about the shot. You looked really uncomfortable. I didn't want to hurt your feelings by suggesting you go to the bathroom or something, but you kept looking around like you were embarassed. I wouldn't understand it if you were embarassed, but if you were, you could have just gotten some straws or something (just so you know if you have to sit through the shot thing again). Not to sound rude, but I think my brother kinda noticed and felt funny about it. He's very sensitive about those things, but he's fine. Just so's ya know!

Erm... what else? Yeah. Well, I feel semi-terrible that maybe Kelly didn't have as much fun as she thought. But I don't ride rides that my brother and mum can't ride with me, they only go on water rides. I usually only ride one coaster a trip with my dad, and then we see shows and get wet instead, since that's something we all do together. It's really hard forging time with all of us together, actually having fun, usually life can get sorta depressing just sitting around the house brewing in our problems. At least someplace else there's a distraction, you know? And my mum, brother, and I are pretty tight knit, like the three musketeers of sorts, so I don't feel right having fun without them, while they just wait and watch. And I end up having a lot of fun while they wait and watch, and it just isn't fair, especially with only one year left together. So, I'm sorry we didn't get to ride all your coasters, Kelly the Kid, maybe next time we can! There won't be an Imaginique anymore, either! Allowing for extra thrills! And chills! And... well, I dunno "and". But there's an "and" to be sure.

So ends my tale of woe. Uhmm... I have to go read a book. Toodles!

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