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[2004-08-12 @ 2:02 p.m.]

Yay! I can finally add an entry! The excitement is just too much to bear.

Anyway. I'm making another open plea for diary design ideas. No one's face may be on my diary. That's the end to my limit. Why? Because I have to metaphorically find myself, without the help of others. Don't ask. However, paintings of people are fine. I was thinking something Vermeer. Maybe not? I'm glad I'm growing up, now, finally. I'll have to make my own layout... maybe something nature-y, something UK-y... I could find a pastoral picture of Ireland or the Scottish moors. Sooo pretty...

Anyway, what was I talking about? My mum's birthday is tomorrow! YAY! Friday the 13th. She's going to be *muffled speech* years old tomorrow! She ordered her present offline, and I am penniless... as well as car-less. I'm just less. Whatever the case, I have to make her a card or something.

But I already know what I'm getting for her for Christmas. Do you wanna know what it is? Well, I'm not telling you. So *raspberry* there.

And would you believe it? I got my first college offers! Cleveland University of Art wants to teach me art, and Mississippi State wants to teach me Mandarin Chinese! Too bad I'm learning Modern Standard Chinese instead. And too bad I don't want to live in Mississippi or Ohio. I think Columbia's the place for me. "Update: As of June 16, 2004, Columbia students have now won Student Academy Awards in seven out of the last eight years. The latest winner is Randall Dottin for his thesis film A-Alike. Randall and his classmate Mikki del Monico recently received the first Columbia University $100,000 Alfred P. Sloan Foundation grant for the production of their first feature film Indelible. Chris Carlson has won the $10,000 David and Lynn Angell HUMANITAS Comedy Fellowship for 2004. Simon Kinberg's thesis screenplay, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, directed by Doug Liman and starring Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, is scheduled for release by May 2005. Columbia students won the Coca-Cola Refreshing Filmmakers Competition in 2002 and 2004; the latest winner, a 60-second spot by Brett Levner will begin screening in over 19,000 theaters in September. Dozens of our films have won top prizes around the world. Patricia Riggen's thesis film, La Milpa, won the Mexican Academy Award, Dave Silver's film Gasline won the grand prize for best short film at Sundance, Jonathan LeMond's Misdemeanor won Best Short at Berlin, and Sabrina Dhawan's thesis screenplay, Monsoon Wedding, was filmed by director Mira Nair and became a world-wide success, winning the Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival."

How awesome is all of that? All those neat awards. I think just being able to make movies would be a reward enough. I think films are just the coolest things ever created. It's everything, all rolled up into one and a half to four hour thing. I thought of a really good idea, but I wouldn't be able to make it into a film until I was an adult. It's not a film I could do with friends. Not that it's high-tech, it's just it requires adult actors in adult situations. All that I have at my disposal are a handful of friends and a hand-held camera. Maybe I could write the story, first, to remember it. Like "Open Water". I thought of that idea a year ago. It's not fair, I should be a filmmaker now, not later. But, I digress, this is a good idea. It's like Kill Bill meets Before Sunrise. I guess... that's a strange combination...

I have to wait until I've finished all my undergraduate classes before I even apply to the arts school.

Hey! Look! I'm under a tornado warning! And a flood warning! And a severe storm warning! I guess I'd better hurry up my time on the 'puter. Toodles!

Oh! And the title is from Whose Line is it Anyway?!

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