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What are you, some kind of calcium pusher? Trying to get me hooked on calcium so you and your calcium-crazed friends can make me dance like a calcium monkey?
[2004-08-13 @ 8:09 p.m.]

Wow, I'm bored. I must be to write two entries in a day.

My area is under a hurricane and/or tropical storm watch. It's advised that everyone evacuate by Sunday or something... that hurricane over Florida is supposed to spin out into the pacific and then come over Virginia. What fun! I lurve hurricanes! I lurve being out of electricity and hot water and eating cold Spagettios out of a can! I lurve trying to stumble around the messiness of the house with but a flashlight! I lurve the constant smacking of gale force winds and debris against the sides of my house, the incessant waves of water on the roof and street... It's just fun. I most of all love the creepiness of the crank-powered radio during the storm, how it's muffled from lack of power and bad reception. It sounds like the end of the world!

Anyway, I'm getting a jump start on my artsy English assignment. A scrapbook concerning Wuthering Heights. Which is a very, very, very good book so far. It's like almost like a ghost story from Victorian times, which is strange, because I never knew that they wrote stuff like that, being fixed on Dickens. So far it's not actually about ghosts or anything, it just has that moroseness. It's actually so morose that it's funny! So, yep, I like it. It's like Alfred Hitchcock or M. Night... only Victorian and by a woman. Girl Power!

I also just recently saw Good Will Hunting. It was fantastic. Ben Affleck and Matt Damon wrote it, and won an Oscar for the screenplay. The dialogue simply blew me away... It was so smart, so witty, and so poignant. Every line invoked thought. I especially loved the part about the unibomber... but I don't wanna ruin it for you. Just see it!

And I've also been getting pamphlets in the mail from colleges. One from Cleveland Institute of Art, one from Mississippi State University, and I got an invitation to the Open House at New York State University on October 9th. That's the same weekend that Columbia's having its Open House. I'm applying to both, so I'd love to go up there for the weekend, but it'd take money out of the Christmas trip, and I'd take the train-ride alone... NYU is on Washington Square, right at the end of Fifth Avenue. How awesome is that? Columbia's Art School is on Broadway, too. I'm more into Columbia, especially since I don't have to pay for anything there! Well, 'cept books. Thomas Jefferson went to Columbia... but Debra Messing, M. Night Shyamalan, AND Frank McCourt all went to NYU. And they're like, three of my mentors. ...that's quite the coincidence... But it isn't any coincidence that I get into Columbia... FOR FREE! I'm priviledged any way I look at it. Hurrah for me.

Other'n'that, I have nothing to say. Happy Birthday, Mum!

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