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[2004-09-17 @ 4:18 p.m.]

I'm so upset. I'm soooo glad that it's the weekend. I must be pmsing to be in this poor a mood over something so petty.

See, the day started off well enough. I bummed a piece of a Milky Way from Kelly, got to walk around, even got to practise some French (and this is what I'm really upset about). See, in French we have "enregistrements", where we answer oral questions for a minute into a tape recorder, all about a picture. It's like that French Competition I placed fourth at, but not in front of a board comprised of Private School French teachers (by the way, in England, schools that are paid for by the parents of the children are called public, and private schools are free... in America it's the other way around... just for future reference-- thus, the private school teachers have a higher expectation of students, and students achieve more). Well, nevertheless, I was so nervous that simple bells over the intercom (signaling lunches) made me scream. I seriously though I was going to suffer a heart-attack. Anyway, the first question was supposed to take 60 seconds to answer. At the end of about 20 seconds, I was only half way through my speech when the three other people in the room (yes, we had to talk in a room full of people-- what a way to break concentration!) had already stopped, and the French teacher asked if I was done. I could have plausibly been done, but I really, really, really wasn't. I was really only half-way through. And you don't understand how important that subject is to me! I'm sure I did well on the other two oral questions, but I'm even more sure that I bomed the first. And it plagues me that I screwed up so badly in French. I mean, it's French! And I was nervous, I hadn't done a speaking test in over a year, but really I'm the only one to blame. Je suis stupide. MERDE! Well, as long as I know that much. It's like, when I have to speak into a microphone for French... I dunno, I'd rather speak in front of the teacher, one-on-one. In an actual conversation. Like, she asks me something about my life and I simply respond. To me that's real proficiency, and it's the best way of speech that I know. To just adlib some answer for sixty seconds about one topic... ACK! I can write, memorise, and then repeat it. I can memorise some of it and adlib the rest. But... I just didn't. And now I just want to sit down and cry.

Anyway, from one complex to another, I got an 80 on my Chemistry test. Bad. Icky. I still did better than a lot of the other kids, but that's the problem, they're younger than me! And the other senior that no one likes dropped the course. *sigh* All the smart kids around me did about the same as I did, so I guess I'm okay. The next chapter is memorising and regurgitating equations. That's all Physics was, so I think I'll do well.

As a matter of fact, force equals mass times acceleration, and accerlation equals velocity over time. And buoyancy is the volume of liquid or gas displaced. YAY! But all of the rest, I could never remember. I can still do lenses and mirrors, too!

And yesterday I missed the new Will & Grace. I'm the worst fan ever. Season premiere, extra 15 minutes, and I only caught the end. Grace tried to get back with Leo, it didn't work, and Jack was fired by Jennifer Lopez and hired by Janet Jackson. And they're still filming it with dark lighting, though Debra Messing is no longer pregnant. Why do they do that? Real life is never that dark. I thought the lighting of the first seasons was perfect, the darkness sorta makes it hard to follow. I keep thinking, "I understand that it matches the ideas and themes in the show in this new, slightly depressing, season, but for heaven's sake, I can only see their cheekbones!" If they're trying to get back all those lost Emmy Awards, lighting isn't the award to hope for. I can already tell that this is the last season... I heard it, but I really do think it's true. It's like when you can sense something is about to end, like a storm. You just know. I wonder where they jumped the shark, though... anyway, the title is from that episode, for lack of better titles.

And to finish it out, lucky French shirts aren't always lucky. I'm hungry for some carb-less cheese. Toodles!

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