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[2004-09-26 @ 12:13 p.m.]

I missed two days of school, and I feel even worse on the weekend. I feel like I swallowed five of those little, what are they?, little metal pad things... well, my throat hurts. Which puts me in a terrible mood, and I flamed a couple people on FictionPress kinda on accident (I didn't mean to submit the reviews, I accidentally did). I even went so far as to call one person a moron for liking John Kerry. Which was horribly unChristian of me, I'll have to ask forgiveness in prayers and hope that the person emails a hate letter to me so I can say I'm sorry for using such a strong malevolant word. It's not his and/or her fault for being so gullible as to think that John Kerry flip-flops to stop from hurting people's feelings. He flip-flops because he has no idea what he wants, but he wants to make everyone else happy.
Oh well... I'd love to break into politics, but no one ever listens. Half the people that read me are foreign anyway, and are probably less versed in American politics (though, and I'm sorry to say this, they probably know more about American politics than I do theirs). I'd like elections to be over so I can forget all about it and think about other things.

Like how sore my throat is.

I started writing what I think will turn out to be a novel! I'm excited. Want to read the first paragraph? K. Hope you like it.

The glorious dawning sun that shone through the glass, dirty from the passing carriages in incessant rush, warmed Eve’s back garbed in her mourning black as she shuffled restlessly through the old, worn drawers of the desk. She felt as though she were about to abandon her search for the documents Mr. Note, the lawyer, had promised she would find when her thin and yellowed hand brushed across something unfamiliar to her rather familiar touch. She nimbly removed a thick but small book that she had never seen in her caretaker’s quarters before, covered in tattered black leather, tied closed by a white ribbon whose edges were bronzing with age. Carefully untying the sleek bow, the shabby leather gave way immediately without her caress, and opened automatically not to the first page, the title, but to the second, where scrawled was a child’s writing. Eve brushed back to the first page, where “Victoria’s Journal” had been written in an unfamiliar and slavish hand. She flipped the frail pages under her thumb, whereupon the book fell open to a page dated “1823”, a date marked with a shining red ribbon, radiant in the sunlight, yet foreboding to Eve’s unsuspecting character.

Eventually the descriptiveness of the surroundings will ebb, and give way into a more gothic feel. Hopefully. I was shooting for the Victorian Gothic Revival thing... I even picked names for the characters according to the points I want to make. I'll let you figure out what I mean. But I wanted to work with a few different points-of-view (i.e. the journal will consume most of the story, so that's first-person, but we'll see Eve's reaction in omniscient, and even hear some conversations pertaining to the topic and some other journal pages from other people to get a rounder sense of the complicated story). Hopefully everything works out, and I have a really long story at the end. My mum made a lovely point that not everything happens for a reason, so to lay off the symbolism a bit... and I will, but the first paragraph always needs to set up the many range of conflicts in the story to come. Because, unless you're an M. Night devotee, not everything happens for a reason, but in literature it has to, because literature always makes more than one point with just one word.

Anyway, my throat is really, really sore.

And I don't know what to do for my student film (that should really be finished in a few months). I want to do a film noir (the old style of film noir, not the new look, like Collateral) that turns into a film couleur (kinda like Pleasantville) as it slowly gives way to modern day... but it has to be ten minutes long, no longer, and I have a feeling that would take nearly 30 to make it good. Then I was thinking maybe something humourous, like "Correct French", something like What if my French answers were always right? Because I remember once on a quiz the question was "Si vous trouvez mon crayon, gardez ___." That means, "If you find my pencil, hold/keep ___." The correct answer is "le" ("the"), but most people put "moi" ("me"). So, if you find my pencil, hold me. And I just imagined this French man looking adoringly into his lover's eyes as she utters that sentence, and he turns, finds a pencil on one of the French desks, and grabs her around the waist and kisses her passionately. Which is enough to make one want to vomit (what a cacaphonous word!) but for the humour behind it. So, I thought that would make a good film that the whole French class could get into, and we could use our real answers. But I don't know if any of my teachers would go for it. So, any ideas for a good introductory student film? I'd be much appreciative!

And, by the way, I got the "le" question right. YAY!

I've gotta go eat lunch. Which means I have to find a bubbly soda to drown away my throat problems, something with a lot of hunger-inducing caffiene. Bye!

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