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So, that's a "no" on the chocolate laxative?
[2004-10-02 @ 10:39 p.m.]

Gawsh, I've been so tired and busy and... although I was the walking plague those three days of school, I wish I had just gone, even if it meant sacrificing the wellness of my peers. I don't like to many of them anyway (it's more the other way around, though). But I feel so behind... not so much behind as unimportant, I suppose. It was like a stark splash in the face, "The world can go on without you." I didn't understand the chemistry, nor did I feel in place during the Federalism discussions in AP Government... and I still feel so icky. I caught up work-wise, but my grades suffered from cramming everything in all at once. I learned my chem info the day before the test (without the help of the teacher).
Actually, and I swear, this will limit my complaints for the day, I took two quizzes the day of the test, right after the test, and they were both on the same info as the test. On the two quizzes I got A's, one 100, one 94. I must have failed the test, because my grade-point average dropped from an A to a C. But, what I don't get is that the quizzes were even harder than the test, more in-depth, and I passed those rather easily. So how could I have failed the test? Well, I don't know what I really scored on it, I haven't yet seen the grade. If I didn't fail it, then she (the teacher) hasn't recorded my five million other grades. Oh well... I was hoping to get straight-A's for exam exemption, but if it doesn't happen, please take not that the first quarter term was quite out of my hands.
The other thing that's been stressing me out, again, is politics. A few days ago America had it's big Presidential Debate. Here's how it went (READ IT!!! READ IT!!! I know politics isn't interesting to some people, especially people outside of the states, but if you can grasp it, there's som interesting stuff ahead. ESPECIALLY IF YOU'RE A DEMOCRAT!)
John Kerry (liberal, Democratic Candidate)- The war in Iraq is unjustified. George Bush is a stupid head. I've got better hair. If elected, I will give money to the poor, and to the enviroment, and to doctors, and to teachers, and to airplanes, and to myself, and to ketchup companies, and to road-construction, and to my botox funds, and to the poor, and to myself, and to the firemen... but not to homeland security.
President George Bush (conservative, Republican candidate): I AM NOT A STUPID-HEAD. John Kerry is a flip-flopping Herman Munster. John Kerry doesn't have enough money for any of that. I want to protect America. The war in Iraq isn't over oil, it's over ethics.
The end. Well, I was a bit partisan. I like Bush. Do you want to know WHY I like Bush? Probably not. But, here's why:
In China, there are baby-chefs. The Communist Government has outlawed more than one Chinese female child to each family, so any others are killed. The poverty levels are at such a high in China that women are forced to sell their baby girls to restaurants, where they are drowned in alcohol and boiled in their placentas (after being drained of blood), and eaten by men as a delicacy. In Iraq, there was a dictatorship that harboured terrorists. The dictator of the country, himself, raped girls as young as 9 and 10, and killed them, and also permitted his sons and followers to do the same. In Iraq, extremist Muslims took the religion too far, and mass-executed women at point-blank range, whether they had shown skin or not. In Iraq, there was a mass genocide to "purify" Iraqi blood from the Kurdish people. This sediment was quickly spreading to Afghanistan.
I have, in a nutshell, described to you the two most mortal enemies to American Government-- Communism and Dictatorship-- and what happens when they are implemented for too long. George Bush isn't like John Kerry because he has a mind enough to understand that the Iraqi people needed help. They needed to be saved from being brainwashed into supporting the mass rape and murder of a people akin to themselves. John Kerry suggests we pull out from Iraq, after soldiers have been beheaded on television, after they lost their lives for what they believe in. To pull us out now would be to signify a sort of weakness, and I can guarantee to you that to pull out now would create another attack on America. We should exercise our job as the world's most powerful country and protect the smaller countries, that's why the war on Communism wasn't uncalled for after WWII, and that's why the war on Terrorism isn't uncalled for today (because look at what Communism is leading to!).
That being said, if you still don't think that John Kerry is a bad choice, he said that he wants to better supply the soldiers in Iraq. First off, I though he didn't want them there! Second off, if he is so bent on better supplying them, then why did he vote against the bill that was supposed to raise military funding? Because he was "protest[ing]" the war. You don't protest a war while people you're supposed to support are dying for you. He's a walking contradiction, do you see it? He doesn't have to "flip-flop" on issues to continually contradict himself, it's just that the self-proclaimed "genius" Democrats are simple enough to buy into his large vocabulary (that really masks the fact that he's saying nothing-- if you pay attention close enough, he says nothing).
Also, he said that America has no Coalition of allies. You tell that to the British soldiers, the Italians, the Polish, however few they were. They were still willing to die so you could undermine them, weren't they? They deserve credit, at least a bit. And he also said that Osama Bin Laden escaped because American soldiers weren't sent in to filter him out of his cave, instead, fellow Afghanis were told to do it. Do you want to know why that happened? Because idiot Democrats like himself complained that if Osama were to be killed, he would be killed by native people, or else America was being intrusive into foreign affairs. That's why that happened. You've also got to remember, anti-war Democrats, that in order for war to be summoned, Congress has to agree with a 2/3 majority, and a lot of people in congress are democrats. You forgot what 9/11 was like.
Not only that, but he said he would want to "follow in the footsteps" of John F. Kennedy and Ronald Reagan. Neither of those presidents were good. Look at the Bay of Pigs invasion, an unjustified battle if ever there was one, and John Kerry wants to follow in JFK's footsteps? I thought he was against "unjustified war"? (I can say this, and I'm even related to JFK) Ronald Reagan had good plans at the wrong time, giving too much power to the states when economy was low (he was even a Republican), and thus the economy failed, and John Kerry wants to follow in his footsteps? First off, JFK is a contradiction, again, and who wants a bad economy?
Well, John Kerry obviously does with his plan for healthcare. As it stands, America has the best health technology in the world, because our healthcare is private. People have to pay for their doctors' appointments (with the benefit of private insurance companies), and this means that doctors make a lot more money, and have the best equipment. In Canada there is a socialized healthcare plan, and cancer patients can't even get the care they need. People from around the world have to come to America for brain-surgery, heart-surgery, specialized care in infantile diseases and tumor removal, cancer care... it's not as efficient in other countries. The idea of socialized healthcare, though it might benefit some of the poor desperate to have insurance (though even they can get help through state-run agencies... once again thanks to Republicans), is disgusting!
Therefore, you should (if you're an American at age 18 or over) vote for George Bush. Thank you!
And, anyway, I'm reading Middlemarch by George Eliot. There's something special about her writing, better than a lot of women, I've noticed. She makes astoot observations about economical issues, political issues, but still the issues on religion and morals (like most female authors were supposed to handle in her day). I think it's a disgrace that female writing has degenerated so much nowadays... not too many highly intelligent books are being contemporarily written by women. Stuff like those paperback romance novels, that's a disgrace. George Eliot would hang her head in shame... actually, she would probably rip them to shreds. And that's why I like her so much, because other female authors would hang their heads in shame. I love how she defies the normal female form, but still preserves feminity in its beauty. Like, it's okay to be a girl and still be strong. But feminism is another entry, I suppose!
Uhh, the title is from Fairly Odd Parents. Because I just love that show. Wandissimo is so funny... "El Rules"... Sorry. *coughcough* Anybody see Joan of Arcadia? I missed the first half-hour...

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