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[2004-10-07 @ 4:40 p.m.]

I'm here! YAY! I'm not gonna talk about politics, that's covered in my title. Truthfully stated by George W. Bush, the future president of the US of A. Because I said you should vote for him. If you want to know why, just read any other entry I've ever written. Four more years. And Cheney so won the debate, it isn't even funny. Anybody want to argue that, please, leave me a note, and I'll rant.
Alright, that's out of the way. On to a lighter note! Uhh... I'm still sick. I went to the doctor, and luckily it's a sinus infection making my throat bad again. So, it's not contagious, I've got medicine, and I'm back on track. I can't get the flu vaccine because of the shortage (thanks a lot, England, first you enslave my people [the Irish], and then you give us all the flu... kidding! Don't enslave me!), but my brother has to because he has diabetes, which can tamper with the immune system. Did you know that redheads have a weaker immune system? Did I already talk about that? Well, in case I didn't, redheads (comme moi) have different nervous systems, and a weak immune system. We also have clairvoyance. All this means we should have special care in dentistry, and in medical treatments, as we're more likely to have unexpected allergies (I've seen the ER enough to validate).
Anyway, it's almost Christmas! I know that's looking a bit ahead, but I just love Christmas! It is most truely the best time of the year to me. I was thinking that I'd like to go to NY for it, but I think that to stay home this year would be even better, actually! It's my last year in Virginia, and Virginian Christmases, I must say, are sometimes spectacular! In the right conditions, there is snow, just enough to blanket the fields and treelines, just enough to coat the bare trees, just enough to cover up the impurities of the suburbs, and all the otherwise gaudy lights have purpose, and all the kids play in the street, but are hidden in the mass of grey and white, so all you can hear are their shouts ringing in the heavy air like bells, and all you want to do is breathe the chilling air in, though stinging your lungs, and watch the purity all day, and stare off at the horizen, invisible against the matching sky. It's so neat, I just love Christmas. Not only that, but it is when Christ was born, and for that, we should be forever grateful. I know I wouldn't need presents, I could just look around and be happy enough. But the presents are a nice extra feature, aren't they? I even like seeing the wrapping paper under the tree's lights, so gorgeous. And my favourite carol, the Ukranian Bell Carol. I know none of the words. But you know, it's so pretty!
Speaking of music, I don't know whether or not I've mentioned this, but I'm rockin' out loud in Orchestra! On the first test, I got a 98! That was not only the highest grade of all the cellos, but of the whole class. This last test, I'm not sure what I got, but my average is a 99, and I'm definetly first chair (last time I checked)! I'll be first chair for our first concert, and, let me hope, first chair every concert following. So, life is good. Life. Is. Good. If it's been changed by tomorrow, and I'm not first chair, I'll be utterly miser a b l e. But, I've also signed up for three clubs. French, Art, and Interact. Interact (since it's the only one that's not self-explanatory) is a community service club. We're selling Lance Armstrong cancer bracelets! If anybody wants one, they cost an American dollar, goes straight to cancer research! (If you live out of the state of Virginia, you might have to pay shipping and handling.) Actually, it's probably best I don't attempt sending it out. So, if you attend my highschool, come talk to me! I'll hook you up! (That was a lame attempt at streettalk for me, but I wanted to appeal to the younger crowd).
And, uh, outside of that... nothing. My chem grade is back to normal, a 91. Which is fine with me. I think if I make all As following, I should be able to escape final exams. *Whew* Or maybe not, I dunno. I don't really care. It's all so easy, it won't make much of a difference to me. The 91 is subsequent to the long strain of absences, in my opinion. If I just maintain *perfect* attendance from now on, I'll be a happy camper. Only sans camping equipment, plus a pencil and paper.
And my SATs are Saturday. Wish me luck on raising my score. 1300, right? 1300. Thirty points away for me. Then it's on to the SAT IIs! I've got homework and studying to do for that. Toodles!

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