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[2004-10-09 @ 12:15 p.m.]

Today was SAT day! YAY! See, I'm so smart and prepared for my SATs, I can rhyme. I think, all in all, I did pretty well. I don't know if I beat my old score of 1270, but I don't think I failed. Thanks to the cd program from the Princeton Review, I felt much more confident in my math skills. I even figured out a really hard problem that I'm sure I wouldn't have normally gotten. I don't think I'm allowed to tell you all what it was, though... maybe in a month or so. Which, by then, I'll have forgotten how to do it. They taught me so many tricks, like plugging in instead of doing real algebra, figuring things out by just eyeballing them. The verbal parts were easy, perhaps too easy... I always had about ten minutes left in every verbal section. That means I either: a. read too often and devour the dictionary. b. am actually really stupid and think I'm smart. c. can create a mind-bent time-warp to curb test time to the opposite of my whim, thus leaving less time for math and more for English. I even ran out of time on a math section, and had a couple of blanks, because the teacher in charge of the time didn't give us a 3/4 time on that one, like the 5-minutes left mark, as she did for all the other sections. Which really is no fault of my own, so I should stop blaming myself.

Oh well.

And how about this new required double-space thing from Diaryland? It's like Livejournal all of a sudden on here. Is it all just to keep up with the competition? Well, sigh, I suppose this is a good time to introduce the fact that I have a *hidden* livejournal, that, if you follow a couple links, isn't very well hidden. Look through my buddy list, I'm not saying who, someone there knows where it is. But she can't tell you (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE! DON'T TELL!), so you all have to search around and figure it out for yourselves. I've got it! Anybody who cares and finds it, you win. What do you win? Why, that's a great question! What do you win... what do you win... Why, you win the satisfaction of knowing that you have won! The accomplishment that comes from being the first and foremost! Here's a hint: just do some snooping around.
Hardy hardy har.

Okay. My pet dog escaped while I was in the middle of writing a note to Sarah, and my other dog threw herself against the back door to let me know. So I ran out, yelled to my mom, and my dog started attacking a cat (the reason the dog, Pepper, escaped is because the cat had been antagonising her), who starting screeching at the dog, and I really don't like cats, so I started freaking out because I didn't want to let my dog get hurt, but I didn't want to scrape cat meat out of the neighbour's yard. So the cat ran up a tree, and my dog circled it until my mom threw a huge bucket of water at them, and the cat started hissing, and my dog started running, and I started chasing, and my mom started yelling. And it took about ten minutes, but we finally pinned Pepper in a fence corner, running through about 7 different yards in the process. *sigh* I love my pet doggies.

I should probably get going. HYDROXIDE (get it? OH?... never mind)! And on that orchestra test, I got a 99.5. The highest orchestra score I've ever received, and a definite first chair. Gooo me! So, for our concert, we're playing Superman and Smallville. The cello gets the "bass guitar" part. You know, the part that no one hears normally? Well, the first violins get the melody, and for the life of me, they are so bad that I can never hear them play. That "Saaaaaaave meeeee" part in the chorus is completely drowned out by our beats, and we're not even playing as loudly as we should. I've never even seen Smallville (only heard the song, it's an hour per episode! I only spare that kind of time for the Apprentice and What Not to Wear!), but I have a feeling that it could be the worst show in the world (not that I'm saying it is) and we'd still be doing it an injustice. That poor Tom Welling and his white, white, white teeth. He wouldn't be wearing that constant, fixed smile if he heard us play. Or maybe he would, maybe he's had botox.

Like John Kerry.

The title is from Will and Grace, specifically stated, "Oh, Jack. Cute as a button. [beat] Not as smart." But no one gets the [beat] thing unless they're either: a. losers. b. drama nerds. c. a [beat] in a sentence. Sorry, I'm still in the testing mode.

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