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[2004-10-23 @ 9:17 a.m.]

Okay, I stayed home sick yesterday for one very good reason: girl problems. I swear, I'm in and out of the bathroom so often, I couldn't sit through an entire class without getting up three or four times. And see, I've had a couple of embarrasing moments concerning these girl problems at school before, but I refuse to go on the pill (which would regulate it, and make it better, but also stunt my growth and make me feel depressed and fat). Which means I have to deal with it! But yesterday was a bad day for me, I snapped at everyone, including my dad who had just gone out of his way to go into the city and get me a couple extra applications so I didn't look silly for having whited-out a few things. And now I feel bad about all that...

But, come on, I even put down "VA" wrong in my Columbia application. I could just see a bunch of Nobel Prize winners gathered at the table, trying to figure out what "AV" meant. And that would get me out for sure. And my SAT scores didn't raise at all, my second score was only a 1200. Which isn't good at all. So, the college will still see 1270, which is fantastic, but I just wish it were higher. And now I feel incredibly stupid, and I don't think I'll make it into college. Especially not Columbia. All I have to do is concentrate on raising my GPA to a 4.0 (it's close... so very close), and I think I'll be fine. But I still feel dumb.

And I think that's all I had to talk about... Tomorrow I begin true work on the French float! YAY! I don't think it should take too long, the longest part will be the detail painting, and since there are about thirty people in the club (I think only four or five will end up working), it shouldn't be too bad. We just need a butt-load of cardboard and some time. Oh, and spray-paint. And wood. And then we'll be okey-dokey!

The title is from Will & Grace, said by Karen to a very short man. Which I can understand, being 6'1". But I'll tell yah, in my Chem class, I feel tiny! I'm usually the only senior, and still those juniors are taller. One really nice girl is 6'2", the guy that sits next to me, gotta be a little over 6'1"! It's ridiculous! Underclassmen are taller than I am! And prettier than I am, but that's not hard to do. But then I see those freshmen that don't even come up to my waist, and I feel *better*. I've got a bunch of essays to write today, the most important being my Columbia essay.

Any ideas on what I should write?!?

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