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[2004-10-25 @ 4:47 p.m.]

Too much to do... so little time...

Save. Me.

Orchestra concert... TOMORROW? Well, okay, add that to the list. Applications due Monday. English test tomorrow. Have to memorise quotes from Hardy and Chopin for that. Mole Day was unofficially celebrated today. Marilyn Monmole looked fabulous, but people seemed to thinnk nothing of it. I sewed her and her dress by hand, not to mention the embroidery on her cheek and all of her curly yellow hair. It took me all weekend to do the pleats (by hand) in the tiny little skirt alone. I also made The Thinker by Rodin out of a mole of aluminum foil. It held together long enough to be weighed in at a mole exactly! And it was definitley more anatomically correct than Barbie. And completely made of foil (hard to do!). Oh well.

In Government I made (with my group) a third party poster. In the US, there are only two real political parties: Democrats and Republicans. I'm Republican. But sometimes there's a third party, usually stuff like Communism, Nazism, and Green. One group got Communism and made a poster of the Commie flag as the star-corner of the US flag, another got the Dixiecrats, and drew the "Rebel Flag" from the Civil War with "Civil Rights, Shm-ivil Rights... What 14th Ammendment?" around it (with a tree and a noose... so rude!). My group got Green, so I drew a big tree with every branch as a different thing they support. And the Liberal in the class (grrr) drew little people of every colour (that turned out to look verrrry racist) all holding hands. And on the bottom it read "Smite (non-violently) a Conservative and Save a Tree!". We were going to write "Kill a Conservative" but: 1. I'm Conservative 2. Green is all about peace, man. So, the end.

I dressed as a hick today for homecoming (OOOOOOOoooooklahoma!) and tomorrow I'm going to be Ariel, from The Little Mermaid. Got my tail and everything! And the shell bra, that's a little to *small* to cover my chest (never thought I'd be able to say that... I think this is the proudest day of my life! Just joshin' ya). Sorry I'm so incoherent at the moment, I'd be far more eloquent, if not up to my usual unnecessary grandiloquence, but I've too much to do, you see (that was so Mr. Brooke in Middlemarch!). Anyway, cha-cha.

Sorry, thought it'd sound nice.

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