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Election connection! VOTE BUSH '04!
[2004-10-30 @ 7:20 p.m.]

I've got to do my homework, this I know, but tomorrow I'm spending all day at a theme park, and Monday I'll not be able to talk (most likely) due to schoolwork. So, I have to, HAVE to, put my last two cents in on the election November 2nd. If you don't care, skip to the bottom.

First off. Vote. If you're eighteen and registered, please, please vote. It's not just your future you're planning, but mine, and those lives of millions of others. You're not even just affecting the outcomes of American lives, but those of foreign lives. You're affecting people world-wide, because even with the checks and balances system, the President is *honestly* the most powerful person in the world.

And if you're going to vote, chose Bush. Simply stated, but so deeply meant. If you don't know either candidate, here are a few stands of theirs, and then I'll put in my input.

Republican. George Walker Bush. Born July 6, 1946. He received a Bachelor's Degree at Yale, and an MBA at Harvard. He served in the National Air Guard from 1963-1978. He was the CEO and founder of a lucrative oil business, as was his father. He became the Governor of California in 1994, and President of the United States in the year 2000. He has a wife and two daughters. He lead the country through a time of great despair following the September 11th attacks, and is responsible for the current but heavily criticised War on Terrorism. His stands include: 1. Tax cuts that are equal for everyone, not discluding the more wealthy. 2. Abolishing abortion. 3. Stimulating economy by cutting back taxes instead of physically taking and redistributing money. 4. Better schooling for everyone, and a choice of public schools so that education is fitted for every student, instead of the student fitting to the school. 5. Freer commerce with political input primarily in the the categories of medicare and social security, allowing private social security accounts to seniors not only aiding them now, but also in the long-run. During his role as president, the war created a poor economy that is quickly on the uprise, and house ownership is the highest it's ever been. His running-mate is Dick Cheney.

Democrat. John Forbes Kerry. Born September 11, 1943. Bachelor's degree at Yale, law degree at Boston College. He served in the navy from 1966-1970, and remained in the Reserves from 192-1978. He became Massachusetts lieutenant Governor in 1982, and Senator of the same state in 1984. He has a wife and two daughters and three stepsons from his current marriage. His backround in the Vietnam War has been calling not only attention but discord, as he's been praised for it, but criticised as well for having protested against it upon his return. The war earned him three seperate Purple Hearts. Also in continual dispute is his unsteady voting record from his Senatorship. His stands include: 1. Government-run socialized health care plans to benefit the middle class. 2. Tax increases for the members of the population earning more than $400,000 a year, also to benefit the middle class. 3. Ending the War in Iraq in favor of alliances and summits to better solve the problems. 4. Raise the minumum wage levels to benefit low-paid people. 5. Stopping anti-abortion laws, preferring choice. According to him, President Bush is doing an unsuccessful job concerning war and the economy, and he believes that he can change that.

Now for my opinion. I beg you to be a more retrospective voter and look back at Kerry's record. Yes, I realise that it can be beneficial for a president to change his mind, George Bush has. But John Kerry changes his mind (or votes against something he believes in to make a point) so often that you may vote him in for one thing he represents, and he'll change it. Look at the GI Payment Plan Bill. John Kerry states often that the men in Iraq aren't supplied sufficiently, but he voted against the bill to protest the war. Last time I checked, and pardon the pathos, that was worse that hypocrisy, voting against that bill could cost human lives. To make a point? What point, that he has no right to have power? Well, he made that point.

The War on Terror is a very, very important war. Yes, hundreds, if not thousands, of American men and women have died there. Yes, there were not Weapons of Mass Destruction. But what was found was the fact that once foreign sanctions were lifted (and given the UN, it would have been months), Saddam Hussein's weapons of mass destruction plans were going to be re-implimented (as they had already been in progress when George Bush's father, George Bush Sr. was in office as President). Not only that, but in Iraq we found a gross misuse of power. 15,000 Kurdish people dead, as part of an "ethnic cleansing" under Saddam. To take that further, women were shot at point-blank range by extremist men for simply being of the wrong gender, and 10-year-old girls were raped by Saddam's sons, themselves. Saddam was also ambushing the borders of Israel, one of America's oldest allies. As America is the world's most powerful country, don't you see that it's America's duty to help the rest of the world? Summits were held concerning Iraq, and nothing was done. Something is getting done now, and over 90% of Iraqis feel safer since the American help in the revolution. As for North Korea being a more immenent threat, last time I checked, their last mass-genocide was during the Vietnam War. Which Kerry didn't like too much either.

As for that, I don't care the Kerry protested it. What's worse to me is that after he returned his purple hearts to the US Gov't for being ashamed of the war, he now uses footage of himself at war or holding his medals in his campaign ads. Not only did he aid in the descration of the names of thousands of innocent men, but he then went against that without apology. Yes, some terrible things happened during the Vietnam War. Terrible things like that always happen in war, even the current war. The Vietnam War was no different but for the number of civilian Vietnamese deaths. And the reason that was so high was because the Vietnamese soldiers used their wives and children as weapons, strapping bombs to them to kill unknowing American men. Now that number is used to represent unfair casualities, and the only unfair thing about that is that people will never know the whole truth. Whether or not Kerry committed war crimes is up to you, but I suggest you look up information from both sides. Remember to check with The Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, and Stolen Honor. Plus, 4 out of 5 soldiers in Iraq prefer him, and if anyone should be trusted with aid in deciding who to vote for, it's not Ben Affleck, it's not Bon Jovi, it are the men that are dying daily for us. Dying daily for something that John Kerry calls "a mistake."

Next, socialized health-care. It's a terrible idea. Let's first discuss what John Kerry thinks about outsourcing (letting people in foreign countries take American jobs), he's against it. But, he'll allow people to buy medical drugs from Canada. So, he won't let businesses spread their commerce, but will give our medical money to Canada (no offense, Canada, but if I can't drink your water without getting sick, I'm certainly not going to buy your Tylenol). Not only that, but he wants the Government to control all of medical clinics in the country, so that everyone can have medical care. Yes, this will benefit the poorest 2% of the country that can't afford or receive help otherwise, but almost always they are able to find locally-run healthcenters aimed at giving them insurance. If the government controls healthcare, healthcare standards will be lessened. Look at any other socialist economy: there is no brain surgery, no open-heart surgery, most Canadians start chemotherapy without being watched over by a doctor because clinics can't afford it. The science community will most certainly be hindered by this, and we will see a lack of care the world over, beause the world over comes here for its care.

And abortion is murder, and, thus, so is stem-cell research. If you kill a fetus, even if it is only a group of cells, you are preventing a human life. That is murder. And abortion won't be for the benefit of women, more women die in abortion than childbirth. Not only that, but adoption is a wonderful alternative, as thousands of women are unable to give birth, themselves. My brother is even a diabetic, so I know about stem-cell research. The harsh truth about it is that the organs grown from stem-cells are always rejected by the host body, and are more dangerous than just living with the problem. Plus, stem-cells can grow into stem-cells, if given time, there won't be a shortage, which was also lied about by the Democratic party. Plus, Bush isn't stopping the research, only the government funding of it.

George Bush is the best choice for President. If given four more years, I promise you the country will be a better place again in his hands. Plus, during his campaign, he plays Christian music, and the theme-song from Top Gun. I wonder if that means Tom Cruise is a Republican... nah, probably not. He's whatever the Church of Scientology says he is.

Short men are such push-overs.

In other news, I was wondering what everyone thinks of America. No, seriously, I just wanted to know. From Americans or those outside of the country, I'd just like to know whether you think we're pretentious, or silly, or important... or how others you know feel about us. I won't refute or rebuke you, but I wanted to just sort of know. I'm gathering thoughts about international ideals, I guess. Just curiosity, I suppose!

And I've decided I'm a terrible person. I mean, I don't like too many people. I'm very selective. I'm still polite to those I don't like, but I was just thinking about why I don't hang out with that many people, or why some people seem to hate me, or remain indifferent. It's because I'm sort of unconciously curt to some, and I can't help it. When I first meet a person, I know him and/or her, and I know whether or not I like said person right off the bat. Sometimes I can be wrong, or sometimes I can think I'm wrong, but I'm really not. I don't think I'm a good judge of people, but I know I am a judge, at least. And even if I do like a person, I never grow too close. There are some things I'd never tell this diary, that the only people I may tell are my mum and Jesus in prayers. And maybe my pet doggie. I'm not socially calculating or connivving, I'm not socially-savvy like that. I'm not even as strong-willed inwardly as I pose outwardly. Instead I stupidly speak when spoken to, and I think that plays in with a hitherto unconcious self-criticism, even when dealing with those that I don't like.

Well, I guess I'm just worried because now, more than ever, my smiles are fake. Even if I seem happy, I almost never am. I'm not really depressed or anything, because I have a wonderful life with a wonderful family and wonderful friends and everything I could ever want and I'm infinitely thankful. But its a seperate sadness borne from this supposed social seperation. The farther I get, the worse I feel. And now I feel like, in a year, I won't even have any real friends. Comfortable silences are no longer comfortable. Perhaps its all an accidental preparation for college. I just hope I'll still get to see my immediate family often, because I love them, and I won't ever seperate from them like I am everyone else.

Or maybe I'm just trying to read into Gwendolen Harleth too much, from Daniel Deronda. I swear, she was crafed after me. Luckily, I can learn from her mistakes. Though I think she was really an embodiment of English imperialism... well, anyway! GEORGE BUSH '04 FOR PRESIDENT and RANDY FORBES FOR VA CONGRESS!

Oh, and one more thing: just because the Electoral College seems unfair, your votes still count. And, oh, the Electoral College is very, very fair. Think about it this way: if the popular vote in Virginia is 51% Republican and 49% Democrat, and our thirteen points go to the Republican party, just because then the Democrat votes become worthless makes it no different than if it were 51% Republican and 49% Democrat country-wide. Democrat votes still don't count for anything, do they? It's a very fair way of counting votes, and it makes for an easier election. And we all know that this is going to be a very, very messy election.

Colorado, what are you thinking?

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