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[2004-11-20 @ 5:29 p.m.]

I'm listening to... opera. You scoff, but it's Christmas opera. Yeah. Handel is some fantastic music, and if you've never heard a proper Hallelujah! chorus, you're missing out. Today my public library had a book sale, a hard-back book cost a dollar, paper-back only fifty cents, a cd a dollar, and magazines ten cents. So, of course I went crazy. I bought The Pickwick Papers by Charles Dickens, The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne, Gulliver's Travels by the incomparable Jonathan Swift, The Bourne Identity (I'm clueless about the author's name, I just really liked the movie), Broken Music by Sting, a book of English castles, four National Geographics (one on the Middle East and where Jesus lived [rock on-- get it? Because the lord is my rock? Never mind...], one on Egyptian customs, one on the coral reefs with gorgeous photos, and one on France's bicentennial, with a story of the Pyramide devant le Louvre), a cd of Gregorian Monk chants from Spain, Telemann, and Handel's Messiah. And I bought the old record for Handel's Messiah as well, because I just thought it looked nice.

Anyway, so now I'm listening to Telemann (I switched cds, by the way), and worrying about finishing my college applications. I'm suck a slack-off (which is a lovely thing to admit during the college ordeal). I've still got homework to do, and some cleaning to start, and Church to go to, and a cello to practise, and... I'm sitting here listening to Concerto polonis in B flat major and typing on my diary about listening to Concerto polonis in B flat major. I try to be cultured, but, I feel like a nerd instead.

Last night I went to a screening of a foreign film called Small Voices from the Phillippines. It was in Tagalog and Filipino, with a little English thrown in, all translated in subtitles at the bottom. It was the first time the movie was shown in Virginia, and the director, Gil Portes, came to give some comments and answer questions! The audience was mostly comprised of Filipino-Americans, so I felt kind of like I was intruding, and kind of stupid because I didn't understand what the laguages like they did, and a little ashamed and guilty that more diversity hadn't attended, but I most of all felt enriched! It was a *really* good little film, I must admit! And it was really neat to meet a director. And it was completely free!

And I like not having to pay money.

I think it's almost time for dinner, so my little histoire will have to end for now. Sorry there was no insight, but for a little while I'd like to just forget about my problems, enjoy a good book, sink into the music, and not worry about college, or my dad, or anything like that. Just look forward to church tomorrow!

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