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Dominus regnavit, decorem induit.
[2004-11-21 @ 1:38 p.m.]

I'm sooo cold! And my legs are covered in poison ivy that's spreading oh so wonderfully to my arms. As long as the outbreak isn't as bad as last summer's ordeal, I think I'll be able to handle the constant painful itching. Last summer my poison ivy was so heavily concentrated that it was a constant open wound, and even the doctors thought it was gross. I had to apply steroid creme to it, which burned, but it made it feel so much better so much faster. But I suppose the fact that I wore pantyhose today didn't help my problem... I could just feel it spread up and down my legs... ugh...

Church was nice today. We hadn't been in so long that one of the pastors thought we were new. Which is strange, because the congregation is always full of a few hundred people. How they know who's new and who isn't is beyond me. I tithed all my money, which means I have to borrow more from mum tomorrow, and I hate asking for money. I wish I had a job so I could pay for whatever I need myself, so my mum can keep the money she needs for herself. But, anyway, the scripture was Psalm 127, I think, and the sermon was concerned with the gifts of God. It was good, and completely applicable to every situation. Of course, the whole Bible is like that, so, I'm sure I'm not telling you anything new. Except for Kelly, who, despite all my preaching, believes in reincarnation, but claims to believe in the Bible. Kelly, as soon as I find supporting passages, we'll have our little theological disscussion all over again. Because, apparantly, once wasn't enough. And forgive me for getting angry and singling you out, but you singled me out in class and criticised my beliefs when what I believe is supported by the word of my God, and my God, being your God, is still ignored by you. It hurts me almost as much as it hurts Him, so I'll try to help you out in understanding the Bible's word a little better, if I can, because I'm not perfect. I also realise that we're all supposed to be accepting of others' faiths, because that acceptance will lead them to right, but if someone's just an inch away, what's the hurt in giving them a push? Plus, I trust that God would never recycle a soul, I think that's undermining His power. He made me a whole being, and He loves me enough to sacrifice his Son for me, so why would he ever reuse me like that? I'm made for a special purpose in the world, and there's no reason I should be kept out of heaven to relive the mess on the Earth a second, third, or thousandth time.

And don't EVER again agree, Kelly, with someone who tells me, "You can't prove the Bible's right." Because look at me, my world is far worse than the worlds of others, but I take it all well because I understand that God helps me. Look at my life, and the lives of other Christians, and tell me the Bible isn't real. If you ever look at me and nod your head with that argument again, you will lose a friend. I'll pray for you like I do now, but I can't put up with that when God's done so much for me. But she wouldn't understand it, you should, because you claim to already know the word of God. But we'll continue this conversation in email, I promise!

But I love my church, it's the only good church I've ever been to, and thus it's the best church in the world to me! I've seen a lot of churches. My mum's also been threatened by pastors, so, a church like mine is a blessing. Anybody who knows me can come with me one Sunday! Plus, it always feels good in there, and we all know what that means.

Alright, enough with the religious propaganda, it's just that right now it really helped me out. So I feel oodles better about everything that's going on, and my dad all the way in New York feels even farther away than before.

And I really have to pee..... Sorry, I do, but I'm so lazy and itchy that I don't want to get up and go. But I've got to go! But I can't... but I've got to! But I can't... But I really, really have to... but I can't!

Fine. I'll pause my monk chanting cd, and visit the loo, one minute... Ahh, I feel better. Just decided to share that bit'o information avec vous. J'ai decidé à vous dire ces infos. I guess that's how I'd say that... my mum wants me to help her make teeshirts that say, "Je n'entend pas les gens stupids," meaning: "I don't hear stupid people." Maybe we can find a cool vintage looking cartoon of a man cupping his hand to his ear, or something... I have a vision!

I can't wait for Christmas! I can't wait to sneeze from all the dust and must from the Christmas tree (yep, we buy 'em fake) and the ornaments, I can't wait to break the annual sacrificial bulb (on accident, of course), I can't wait to nearly electrocute myself trying to help with the Christmas lights. Normally my dad does that, but maybe this year he'll shy away from the family, and just watch us have fun. He knows that the second he curses at us, or throws something to destroy our fun, that my mum will slap a lawsuit on him the size of New York itself. And I want Christmas happy this year! And this sounds horribly selfish, but I can't wait for the presents! I hope I get the chance to go shopping for Mum and Ben, so I can get them something nice. With dad's money. Haha!

I'll tell ya, monks' chants are very relaxing. It makes me want to hit my face with a plank of wood. Or a dvd case. It makes me want to use the songs for my student film, which I have to start soon. I hope it turns out well *rubs hands together in an evil fashion* so that I may show it off to everyone I know. I have to figure out how to edit film on my computer, so I need to pratise on my Beanie Babies first. I pity those things, all five-hundred of them, they're my guinea pigs. Actually, I think I do have a guinea pig beanie... no, it was a hamster. Anyway, I doubt if any of this music will fit in with the subject matter of my film, but I definitely had a film idea that would work perfectly with the music. Especially the opening credits...


Well, that's enough. I've got a lot to do! Namely, searching around to prove some people wrong. And college applications. And essays. And chemistry homework. And... psh, I don't remember. Oh well! And the title's in Latin (like you couldn't tell), and it means "The Lord reigns; he is robed in majesty." Or, so the monks tell me. Not Monk, the detective, but a gaggle of monks. Could you call them gaggles? I think they're more like brotherhoods. Or monasteries. Anyway, I've gotta go! No, really! Bye! (sorry it was all so long and boring)

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