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[2004-11-06 @ 4:32 p.m.]


Kidding. Just kidding. Hahaha! See? It's a joke, that's why I'm laughing!

Well, anyway, I finally bucked-up, passed the buck, paid a couple-o-bucks for a "lookin' good seniors" senior class teeshirt. Because uniformity and conformity are two completely different extremes. What am I complaining for? Seven dollars for a small, black teeshirt with my name on it. Not a bad deal at all! Of course, my name is on a list of roughly 499 others. Yes, I do have a large senior class! Thanks for asking! 3,000 students in my school, total. And I'm still top-ten-percent! Eat that, smart-kids!

Speaking of "smart-kids", we held today what nerds like myself have so lovingly (and not in the manner of jealousy at all) dubbed a "popularity contest". Who cares if it's a popularity contest? For most of the "popular" students, it'll be their biggest accomplishments in all of... life. See, I've already won how many French contests state-wide? I've been playing the cello decently for how long? I've been to how many art-shows? I've got what GPA and SAT score? See, I don't need "popularity contests" like the popular kids do. Of course, I'm only saying that 'cuz I accidentally won something in my homeroom. Kelly nominated me for two things and I didn't even know about it. And people sort of blindly voted me "Most Talented", though I doubt they even know my last name! The girl running it even put my name in the boy's slot, but that's okay. I feel loved to have been considered... I guess...

Weeeell. I took my Writing SAT on Saturday (how slightly ironic... an SAT on SAT!) all the way in down-town murdersville, an hour away from where I live, in a highschool twice the size of mine but with absolutely bare, prison-like walls. What a place to feed a soul, I'll tell yah. And when we couldn't find our way home, my mum stopped at a gas station to ask for directions, and one man pointed it out and said, "Just go where the sirens are coming from." It was only an ambulance, how reassuring.

Then I rang the Salvation Army bell outside of a grocery store for four hours, and have thus come to know a few interesting facts: the poor give more than the rich, the black give more than the white, and men gave more than women, and all in larger quantities. Children really like to give, and people like it better when the ringers sing carols. And I can't sing. But, I did anyway, in my loudest voice (I don't think I did too badly, I hit most of the notes correctly! I just forgot all of the words). And I danced. And I raked in the bucks. The bucket was completely full by the time I was done. And I felt so much better about standing out in the dead of night, in the freezing cold, on back-breaking concrete.

Which brings me to the next smashing of stereotypes. Most liberals (mumble mumble) have painted we conservatives to be selfish, destructive, hating, bigots who loathe helping people even more than we do the environment. And even worse than that, the liberals have painted Christians the same way. Well, here we have a Conservative-Christian group (the Salvation Army) aided by a Conservative-Christian teenage girl with no ulterior motives but the aid of the needy despite race, creed, sex, or sexual-orientation. One man told me the story of how he and his wife were homeless until the Salvation Army helped them, so you can't tell me that the SA doesn't do anything! It's amazing the lies people will spread to get a person into office. What continually amazes me is the little amount of dirt they can get on our present president. No affairs, no temper-tantrums, no nothing (unlike a Mr. Clinton... cough cough). So, what do they do? Resort to name-calling. George Bush is a homophobic moron who chokes on pretzels and loves oil and war.

You know, it's quite obvious to me that American soldiers are marching into Iraq with no purpose other than to blow off the heads of civilians, because it's what they like to do. It's also quite obvious to me that Saddam had it right all along. What were we thinking, stopping a genocide? Ha! That's stupid. What were we thinking, neutralizing any threat of weapons while our soldiers were already in a bordering country? Well, gosh darnit, we should have waited a couple of months until UN sanctions were lifted for Iraq to import their WMDs from Syria and blow up half of New York City before we invaded. It's also very apparent that democracy in the Middle East is an extended puppet-government with intended free barrels of oil for America (Halliburton, anyone?), despite the fact that gas prices are steadily increasing to 5 dollars a gallon and Halliburton has already been disproved. It's also all George Bush's fault that North Korea hates us and has nuclear bombs.

You know what else? John Kerry, having once denounced his medals from Vietnam and then reusing them in ad-campaigns is a wonderful tactic, and not manipulative (bordering on traitoristic) propaganda in the least.

Ah well, it's all over. G-Dub already won. *Poo*. Looks like I have to endure a decent education with more scholarships and state support than ever. And it looks like now my school can't pass off 200 books for 300 (150 of whom are passing) students as okay. It's not like teachers should actually do their jobs. It's just as unfair as giving Afghani women the right to vote. When will we ever learn?

(the title is from Mythbusters... it's informative and entertaining, just like mom used to make!)

(Oh, and Sunday I went to Church and then on a thrift-store excursion with no avail.)

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