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[2004-11-07 @ 4:11 p.m.]

Happy first day of Hannauka... or Channauka or Channuka or however you spell it. I've seen all three in my lifetime... but I'm not a technical Jewess... Or maybe I'm technically Jewish because I'm Christian, but I'm not. I'm not sure if the technicality lies both ways.

Anyway, this is the first night that the Hebrews began to rebuild their temple after the Greeks left. That means seven nights after this one the candles in the menorah burnt on, because God (or Yahweh [or even Yehweh], whichever you address Him by) gave the Jews the miracle of longer-lasting oil.

I'd still like to know a few things, though.

1. I know I've been over this, but why don't Christians or Muslims still celebrate the old holidays?

2. Why do childrens' shows like the Rugrats explain, in full, the history behind, purposes of, and traditions upheld in both Hannauka and Kwanzaa, but explains Christmas by way of Santa Claus? Why is the meaning behind the birth of the Christ of 81% of the country obscured? I realise that both previously mentioned holidays still aren't even nationally recognised, but at least people know their stories. And a lot of people have never even heard about Rammadan, so maybe that should change, too. I'm so glad that culture is being spread, and I'm angry that the nation doesn't even declare it a holiday for at least one day of the eight, but geez, why is my religion the one to pay the penalty? Why is Christianity being secularized? I guess that's what it said in Revelations, just have to grin and bear it.

Eh, they're all just jealous that our temple was rebuilt in three days, and it took them eight.


Anyway, so have fun with tonight's present and dreidel-spinning (I love that game), and think of me when you light the first candle in the row. And how much you hate me because I had two temples rebuilt for me, and the latest beat yours by five days. Not that theological history is a contest or anything...

So, in this holiday season, may God and/or Yahweh and/or Allah and/or yourself (all you scientologists out there!) bless you as you celebrate what is most important to you, whether it be fasting for a month, lighting candles every night, or putting a star on the top of a tree. Oh, yeah, and as I learned today, happy Winter Solstice to the Pagans. May Thror, Ceres, and whomever else you please bless you, curse you, or treat you with sobriety and indifference.

I still think Christianity is the best way to go. It makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside... not unlike many Christmas presents that some (coughcough) people will be receiving from me in school! Hmm... how esoteric I've become...

And politically correct. And, by the way, I hate interest groups. I've just decided. They annoy me. They're so... liberal. I should join a pro-life group when I turn 18, and protest pro-choice groups' protests (pro-choice is pro-death!). Too bad I have no money to pay member dues. Since when did I have to pay to protect my first ammendment right of protest? Huh? Huh? How about I form my own interest group for that interest? What do you think about that, all of you abortion-lobbyists?

And someone, please, inform me about how stopping gay marriage is different than stopping polygamy. Why can't we just shift all legal and monetary benefits from just marriage to unions, as well, but keep the "sanctity" of the title of marriage to heterosexual couples? Why can't we seperate the legal ceremony from that of the religious one, like the French do? That seems fair to me! Marriage's roots truly lie in religion, and it is a religious practice (even a lot of athiests have it at Church, for heaven's sake!), and it would be impeding on the First Ammendment Right of any religious-follower to allow homosexuality to be enforced ritual. I personally don't care about anyone's sexual preference (just as long as no one, straight or gay, flaunts it around in my face, I think it's disgusting), I'd just like the right to my belief in God having created man and woman with a specific purpose. As far as I know this is the task Dubya has set for himself... yes, there will be no homosexual weddings in churches, but I do think that I read either on his website or heard on Fox News that he believes in the equal rights of all.

I think I digressed..... but I don't care. Blah. I'm done with it. I know, I'm Conservative. I'm even right-wing. I'm the kind of freakish idealogue that votes in primaries... even if I can't vote yet. Grrr... stupid age limits... maybe there should be a test that 17-year-olds can take to prove that we can vote. I know more than some adults about this stuff. That's not fair!!! *grumble grumble*

I'll reply to all of my notes and comment on some important entries... eventually... Right now I've got to get to work on a poster for my French teacher. I'm getting paid! WOOHOO!

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