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[2004-11-09 @ 5:06 p.m.]

Thanks oodles, Cherry, for that lovely inclusion of Josh Groban on your diary!

Speaking of which, Josh Groban is, uhh, COMING TO MY TOWN! Sorry if I sound like a crazed Grobanite, but I'd love to go. Problem? Tickets are $45 for the 200th floor, $65 for ground floor. Unless I win a pair for my mum and myself, isn't happening any time soon. Maybe I can sell a dozen paintings on Ebay... I've been thinking about that as a way to earn myself some money, actually, but it's hard for me to part with my art.

If you can call it art. I like it, though. Okay, now, wait, how much would you pay for this:

I've actually made it better, I swear, there's a lot more depth in the flower because I added some peach that looks nice against the backround (only where shadows on the petals should be). It's a rose, and I'll sell it for $65 to anyone willing to pay that much for it!

Well, nah, I dunno. See, it's hard for me to part with this stuff! It's currently taking up room in my house, and I want money, but is it worth it? One guy offered me fifty bucks for a ceramic dragon teapot I made (water came from the mouth, you put liquid in a hole in its back), up front, money in hand. But it was a present for my brother, and I couldn't sell it! Of course, my brother told me I was a moron to not sell it, that he could have used the fifty bucks. But, now he can say he's a true-art lover, with a piece worth over that much. Which is more than some middle-schoolers can say.

But, really, I'm just wondering how much it is I can make off what I do for fun? I mean, if you, as buyers, were to see my work in a gallery (look at my art page and pretend it's all on canvas in paint), how much would you pay? I'd like to know if I can start doing that in my last year of highschool, start selling my stuff to make money for college. And Josh Groban concerts. While I'm at college.

Whatever. In French today we sang the Quesidilla (sp?) song so loudly that the German kids next door started singing it, too. Clap in four-fourths time, and yell with the beat: "Quesidilla! Quesidilla is my favourite kind of snack! Sometimes I like to eat it on Sunday, othertimes I like to eat my Que..." Stop all sound for two beats, then begin to clap and sing: "Quesidilla! Quesidilla is my favourite kind of snack. Sometimes I like to eat it on Monday, othertimes I like to eat my Que..." And continue the same pattern until you finish Saturday, then one more round with "everyday!" Why? Because, especially in a French class, it makes no sense.

I also got a 100 on my essay about "The Hollow Men" by T.S. Eliot. I love AP English. I'm so lucky to have it for my first block, it makes my days better. My teacher is the nicest lady on Earth, I swear. Well, next to my mum.

I'm still depressed. I'll tell you all in school if I know you, but I don't wanna type it. I don't like knowing that my dad can read what I write. He enjoys it all, I'm sure. I feel so... on edge now. Like I'm gonna crumble at any moment and either cry or yell at someone. Which isn't very good for a Child of God, so I need to just pray a little to get it off my back.

And then paint so I can go see me some Groban!

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