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[2004-12-11 @ 11:21 a.m.]

Waiting to go shopping... I get to go shopping in an hour for a $5 gag Christmas gift for my French Club Christmas party, and I might get to go thrift-store skimming! I love shopping, especially at thrift-stores, because while there's nothing like buying something new and pretty, there's also nothing like finding Banana Republic shirts for five dollars. I'd like to go hit up New York and Company or Dillards at the mall, but it's Christmas. Number one: I've been warned against shopping at NY&Co until Christmas for gift-giving reasons. Number two: why spend money that could go to a surprise on something that I'll know about?

That was incoherent. Never mind!

But I know one of my presents: A year's subscription to Vogue Paris! YAY! Thank you, mommy! I can read about French celebrities and fashion trends in, what else but, French! Huzzah! I'm excited, because that means I can perfect my foreign language skills while drooling over Dior. And alliteration is a good thing. And so is assonance, apparantly!

Anyway (see? I did it again!), I found a picture of a violinist for a watch ad in Bazaar, and I have to paint it. As long as I don't sell it, it's a perfectly legal thing to do. One time I saw at a student art show a blatant copy of another famous painting, and the artist won something. And I was so mad! Did the judges not know about the original painting? Well, I remember buying a folder with it for a cover once. Yes, when I was young, I loved art, too.

I've also decided for sure that I'm going to have beginner voice lessons in college. Because I'm really not a bad singer when I try hard enough, and I could probably be better when I learn how to do it properly. My voice can't go too high too well, but I can get very loud with vibrato... well, it's called "vibrato" in orchestra, I don't know what it is in singing! Don't tell me, though, I want to be surprised.

And I want to know what I got on my Writing SAT, gosh darnit! I'm a little worried... my essay was near perfect, in my opinion, but this one quick-round grammar section killed me, because I skimmed through the sentences so quickly, I didn't see anything wrong with them. Until I went back through to re-check, then I spotted the errors, and now I'm rather worried. If I didn't do so well, I don't think it matters. Like I said, I'm going to college one way or another.

The title is from Fairly Oddparents.

And I still feel like I'm going to explode.

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