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[2004-12-18 @ 7:30 p.m.]

A ten-page paper on Shakespeare awaits me, unstarted, and I don't feel like doing it. Bleh, I'm so bored. And tired. And thristy...

Lately I've been sucking down water by the gallon. That's not strange, is it? Maybe it's stress. Whatever the case, it's a lot healthier than Diet Pepsi.

Not the point. I went to the library today, to another used book sale (so. much. fun!) to buy some last minute Christmas gifts to go with what my mum already bought my friends (the coolest thing that I'd love to tell you about but then I'd ruin the surprise and that would be bad!). I think it's safe to drop a couple of names, but I won't tell you what I got Kelly. For my friend Jennifer P., I got a picture book of Matt Damon (from the kid's section, would you believe it?!?), a biography on Hilary Rodham Clinton, and a textbook on Criminal Law (she's seemed rather unmotivated lately, and I want her to go into law and then politics, because I think she'd be super at it! I want her to succeed!). For Rachel I bought a copy of the life story of Tom Cruise. Because, it's quite obvious, that he is awesome. For the girl who sits next to me in English class, a really old book of poetry and plays. The girl that sits diagonally from me in English class (who never does her work... grumble grumble) gets a textbook on Criminal Intent (she wants to do CSI work) and the sounds in poetry (so she can catch up in class). For Casey, the girl who hates poetry but loves anime, I got three different collections of classic poetry. Not anime. (I hate anime.) For Lliz, my friend who probably doesn't like reading books that don't involve cadavres, I got an *NSYNC cd (because it's funny like that), Calvin Klein parfum (meh, it was on sale), and eyeliner and eyeshadow. And for my friend Megan, who as far as I know doesn't like to read at all, I bought a gift basket of soap and stuff.

For myself? Glad you asked! A really old copy of Vanity Fair and my English textbook. Yeah, I found my Literature schoolbook at a used booksale and bought it! It will come in handy over college, since I don't get to keep the one I have, and it's filled with a nice selection of stories that I rather enjoy reading. Oh, and A Tale of Two Cities... and something else... And it all, in all, minus the makeup, came to $22.oo. But, as I said, those gifts all come with somethin' else. So, it's not just old books. I don't even know that my friends will like used books, but I love them. I like the smell of them, and when I stumble across an old copy of an old favourite, I feel like I'm getting something that has had a lot of love.

If that makes any sense.

So, if anyone's wondering what to get me for the holidays, used books are great. I once found a used book store in a city near me that had entire books in French! I don't see that very often, and I'd love to read French outside of a textbook. But I took a lot of time picking out just the right books for just the right people. You know, Tom Cruise can only go to a certain kind of person. So, I hope everyone thinks they're thoughtful... if not, there's the redeeming quality of what my mum got.

And then I'll just take back what no one wants. I'm far too nice, anyway!

Shakespeare... shakespeare... I don't want to. I still have two emails from a friend in Philly to answer, and oodles of notes to Angela and Sarah and Cherry to answer, because I love all four of 'em, but golly gee whiz, four sonnets to analyse and a biography to write! I'd give anything for a snow day... I'll answer you all when I can. *Hugs* 'till then.

Merry almost Christmas! And a Happy almost New Year!

And the title is a French Christmas carol.

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