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[2004-12-19 @ 3:17 p.m.]

Meh. So, I've started on my essay. This is what I have so far: a title and two sentences. YAY! It's a lovely title and two wonderful sentences, I must say. However, it's just the very tippy-top on a Shakespearean iceberg, to say the least. I have settled on the sonnets I plan to analyse. I've strayed from the popular ones to narrow it down to Sonnet 66, Sonnet 1, and Sonnet 152. That spreads it out across his entire career of a writer and actor and businessman, and makes my biographical allusions far easier. I've already done Sonnet 66, too, in a slideshow that went better on my computer than the teacher's son's laptop (my pretty pictures of England were too light to see, and my awesome font types and colours were lost and/or dulled... *sigh*... but Shakespeare still winked at the end, which you will be able to see if you go back an entry and scroll to the bottom!). I also did Sonnet 66 last year, but dove nowhere near as deeply. I didn't even analyse rhythm, for gosh's sake!

But, still, that's a lot of pages to write. It's due Tuesday... I figure if I write half today, I can finish the rest tomorrow after school. And then if there's a snowday (which I highly doubt) tomorrow, I won't have to finish it, because school will automatically close on Tuesday. The superintendant refuses to open school for just one day.

AHHHHHH!!! SHUT UP!!! Talk about perfect timing... the weather alert bug on my computer just popped up with a predicted two inches of snow accumulation overnight tonight. SA-WEEEET!

Two inches to you may not seem like a big deal, but 'round here near the coast of Virginia/North Carolina, it only takes 1/2 an inch to close the schools for a week. No lie. We usually get out of school for hurricanes, but nothing bad has happened this year. Last year we had a terrible storm that kept people out of power for up to two weeks and beyond. Of course, I live in the suburbs and my power returned after 12 hours without it. Which was rather disappointing, because I was looking forward to living off of cold Spaghettios for a long time. It was so... Signs, I suppose. Only, minus the alien invasion and impressive actors and stunning visual camera-work.

So, I guess I can have a couple of extra minutes to type here instead of on my paper (wow, that's bad...). Shakespeare-shmakespeare. Who needs Bill the Bard? ...I do. I confess. Darn you Shakespeare, and your wit and brevity! (Haha, get it? Never mind.)

I'm painting my mum's Christmas gift this year. I think it's far more personal than buying her something. Plus, I have no money to buy her anything. I got my brother a teddy bear that he saw, but pretended not to see. And I didn't get my dad anything, because even that's more than he deserves. But, I have a feeling my mum bought him a lot of stuff to put our names on for us. I also cleaned up all the paint bottles and brushes off my floor (I have to spread out while I work) and remade my bed and cleaned up my college applications and piled up my mountains of books (I had no idea I've read so much... I have a lot of books!) in any corner available and hid all of my pencil-mark ridden canvases, posters, and boards behind my guitar, guitar amp, and cello. And then I put all of my friends' Christmas gifts in piles with their names on them to wrap and bow and prepare all in a corner by my stairs. Phew! All so my dad can take it over and make it messy again (by knocking over all my stuffed animals and leaving my Beanie Babies in shambles by dragging the Christmas tree through them from the eaves, and then knock all the posters off my walls as he drags it down my stairs). I'm moving into my brother's room, in the upper-bunk temporarily. Ahh, Christmas.

After dinner I've got so much wrapping to do that it's scary! I might not even need to, after all, since school may be cancelled the last two days before break. Then I won't get my presents, and I won't give them either, but I won't have to finish my essay for awhile. Weigh the consequences... weighing... weighing... I can wait to get and give presents. Plus, I can just visit people's houses, that's far more personal anyway. And leave everything on the front porches with notes and candy... that's very esoteric in a happy way! And I'm going over to Kelly's house sometime soon, I've already promised. We're going to drink coffee. I think.

Mmm... coffee... I've just finished my first Diet Pepsi that I've had in days. Yikes! My house is all out of bottled water, and I hate the tap stuff, and I'm going into water-shock, and I, I, I... I'll be okay. I can just drink some of the plastic-y kind from the refridgerator. I'll tell yah what, drinking a lot of water does help you lose weight. And it's strangely addicting...

This break I plan to:

1. Finish my Chemistry homework sometime other than the class beforehand. (Did I just say that?)
2. Finally finish reading Daniel Deronda and move along to Middlemarch, I'll finally have the time!
3. Get used to curling my hair quickly with a curling iron so I don't look like an Irish version of Hermione Granger every day.
4. Go to Church for a big, fat, large celebration of the New Year!
5. Drink lots and lots of water.
6. See A Series of Unfortunate Events, dispite the series of unfortunate reviews it has received lately. Yes, Count Olaf tries to marry a 14-year-old girl! That's why he's not likeable! It was in the book, people!
7. Rent movies. My list is very long.
8. Finish applications. Or start them, whichever term you prefer.
9. ----

Wait a minute, wait a minute. I have to go to school. One of my teachers still has my recommendations for my college apps. If I don't get them back, then I can't apply. And that would suck. And life would suck. And then I'd be a bum on the side of the street with no life but shaking an empty soup can at people begging for a couple of pennies while being dressed like Johnny Depp! SOMEONE SAVE ME!

I guess I'd better start that essay, then.

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