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My Christmas!
[2004-12-27 @ 7:49 p.m.]

Hey all! I hope everyone had a very merry Christmas... I was going to send you all e-cards, but I was so busy with applications and stuff that I lost track and now it's two days too late and it would seem kind of silly to be so late and I guess I can just send some New Year Cards and I love polysyndeton, don't you?

Okay, first bit of huge news, I got a bit of mail from... Cambridge! The one in England, not Massachusetts. Isn't that exciting?!? Well, it's for a summer programme (See? Told you it was England!) of study in England, possibly for college credit. They offer two courses, the three I was considering were Celtic and Briton Archaeology, Acting Techniques (uhh, Bard much?), and the course on Irish-British relations. I wouldn't actually take the last one, I just think it'd be fun to be enraged with the anti-Irish propaganda. But I think I might be too much of a trouble if I were to take that class, I'd end up walking out on the professor. Well, in any case, they offer sports in spare time like rugby and football (soccer, here, of course), and they have an iceskating rink (yes!). There's a four day trip to London (but my mum and brother will have to visit me there, because they've always wanted to see London... they'll have to visit me everywhere, of course!), and single day trips to Stone Henge and Bath (Thomas Hardy much?). I hope I can go... wouldn't that be the most exciting thing ever? Maybe there'll come a weekend at the end that I can take a ferry to Ireland or something, and visit Munster and Dublin and Belfast and...

Well, okay, that's all subjective hopeful speculation anyway. I think it's time to move along to Christmas. I went through this whole big thing of taking pictures of all of my presents, but I'm too lazy to upload them. So, instead I'll just describe them all to you, and do the picture thing later.

Okay, my brother received an X-Box with Halo 2 and Ghost Recon 2 (they were out of Fable, an Irish legend game that I wouldn't have minded playing at all, actually), Ratchet and Clank 3: Up Your Arsenal, Killzone, a guide to Halo 2, a new Playstation 2 memory card, and a big teddy-bear from me! I think he got something else somewhere from someone... but I can't remember what from who... oh, and he spent his $50 Christmas cash on Snake Eater for the PS2.

My mum bought herself Donald Trump's newest book, a cool leopard-print bowling purse from Archie McPhee in Seattle, and received from my loving father a television that he wanted and a refurbished car-compatible cd player, and her favourite parfum. What a nice guy. Next year I'll have my own money, and I'll buy her something pretty at Harrod's in London for Christmas.

What my dad received doesn't matter because he doesn't deserve it anyway.

And now what I received: a "I'm a Right-Wing Nutjob" baseball tee from my dad. From my mum I got the purdiest pair of shoes ever (orange and red with these yellow and red gems and embroidery... it looks very Indian to me), a black purse with a giant clock on the front of it (and, yes, it tells time, isn't that cool?) from Archie McPhee, a stuffed poodle that's a purse from Archie McPhee, a new pair of silver tear-drop shaped earrings (they're drop [long on a chain] earrings, but the chain actually slides through the hole in your ear lobe, instead of having a regular post and back... yes, it hurts, especially when the chain is thick and square, but it doesn't hurt for too long, and the length is thus adjustable), charms for my charm bracelet (a paint palette, a film slate, and a music clef... me embodied in a bracelet, innit weird?), a brand-new Smashbox makeup kit with the prettiest colour makeup in existence, and a record/cd player and radio.

Okay, the last one needs explaining. See, around my house are five million old record albums (mostly from Barry Manilow, but we'll get there in a minute), and I just bought a Handel record, myself. But, we had no record players to listen to these records with, and I love vintage stuff and music, so my mummy lovingly picked out the coolest music-player ever, it looks very '50s and should fit any college dormroom perfectly. It plays cds, has a radio, and on the top can play any kind of records you have! So, I spent Christmas listening to Barry Manilow, Michael Jackson, and Handel's complete Messiah. COOL!

I love my gifts, my brother won't leave the gamesystems alone, and I'm so full of the tastiest ham I've ever had that I can barely move. I have to buy my mum something really, really pretty from Harrods now.

P.S. I hope that Cambridge-American Center dorms have televisions, I'm hooked on EastEnders. Someone... help me... Actually, I hope I get accepted firstly...

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