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[2004-12-31 @ 11:19 a.m.]

*** Did you know that due to the Earthquake in Southeast Asia that the Earth now spins one second faster every year? That means that there is officially a leap second. That means everyone just gained weight. And still, that doesn't begin to phase my thoughts nearly as much as the number of the dead. 135,000 and counting. I've nothing more to say than you do. It's beyond words.***

Oi, I've been preaching to everyone and not heeding my own advice. Sometimes I think God must just hang his head when he sees me tell people off. I try to push my ideas kindly to people, to help them see their mistakes like sliding a book I like to someone across the table, but sometimes I get a little angry and end up completely rude. I end up slamming that book in front of that person, or up against his head. Sometimes I sound so full of my own ego, it's scary.

But, sometimes people need to hear what's wrong with them, or they'll never change. I just doubt I'm the person to do that service. You're supposed to show people the light by being kind and loving no matter what, that makes them all want to be like you, but I fill my words full of insult. Well, if I've insulted you recently, I'm sorry. I meant to, but I didn't... mean... to. If that makes sense. Which it doesn't.

Well, I've only got to finish my NYU application now. Muahaha. I actually have to work more on some art to put in my portfolio before I do, because I want to make sure I'm accepted to film school. I can be accepted to the Liberal Arts School any day, but the film school I'm worried about. I can always re-apply after my freshman year, I suppose, but what good will one year lost do me? Not much, I know. I've noticed that many hordes of film students also study archaeology. Why is that? I used to be so bent on that subject I could ramble off on all of the names of every Chinese emporer in order, with respective dates of rule and all their acheivements. I can't now, of course, as even my Chinese has dwindled back down to, "Ni hao, nide daifu hao ma?" I used to speak quite a bit, actually. And on top of that I knew the history behind the Celts and Britons, Angles and Saxons, and even some Celtic queens and where my ancestory lays. But, now no longer. I knew so much about Egypt that I still have piles of books on it (books I read out of fun, by the way)-- including one full of the heiroglyphs on the most complete papyrus of the Book of the Dead ever found, and I used to study the heiroglyphs so that I might be able to figure out what each symbol meant.

Man, I was a nerd.

But, my mum once met a math teacher whose daughter was just like me in that respect. She stayed up all hours of the night watching the Discovery Channel and reading National Geographic, and then she became a stageworker on Broadway and studies acting in New York. And in the Tisch School of the Arts catalogue, the film student that was profiled studied archaeology, too! It's so weird... And I still love that subject, or else I'd stop reading about Celtic runes in my spare time. So, I suppose that I'm still a nerd.

A nerd who likes to learn.

Really, I think I'm reading one too many books right now. I've gotten midway through two George Eliot books, and started two others (she's a phenominal developer of character!), and Celtic Mythology and History (ahh, good ol' Cuchulain [coo-hoo-lan]), I still haven't finished the Silmarillion, and now I'm re-reading the fifth Harry Potter. If I don't stop, I'll mix up Gwendolen and Hermione, Silas and Harry, or even Dorothea and Emer (heaven forbid!). AHH! It's the nerd thing, AGAIN!

Oh jeez. I'd better change the subject to something a little more "cool", huh? Has anyone watched "Love is in the Heir" on E!? (Or would that be E?) I've determined that it's extremely funny. Two thumbs up. It's easily figured out to be completely fake, but it's good in the process. See, it's supposed to be done in the form of a reality show (with cast interviews on certain topics while they play out) about a princess who wants to become an American Country Western singer. If she doesn't succeed, her parents will force her to marry someone, and she hates her current boyfriend. And her talent manager. Whoever is writing the script for that show is very clever, and the acting is terrific. But, it's easy to tell it's fake.

But, at the same time, I can see just how easy it must be to think it's not.

I spent an entire paragraph and an extra sentence on something that didn't pertain to anything of importance. Next time: where in the mall I plan on spending my Christmas money! Yay for shallow diary entries! YAY!

I have to go do my laundry. I don't know what to wear to the New Year Party at Church... probably clothing. Eek, again, I'm sure God is just so proud of me! I'll wear something nice. A skirt and a shirt and maybe a scarf. But this time I think I'll wear actual colours in my outfit (I've fallen into that New York state of dress in which I only wear black and white... at least everything matches! Sometimes my friends make fun of me for that, I've been kindly told before that my "eccentricity" allows my appearance to be a little different... how kind!) (So, my hair is a little wildly curly sometimes... explain to me why I should take the hour and a half to straighten it every day!) (Eeesh!).

And the title is a bit of advice from Will Rogers. Hurrah!

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