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[2005-01-07 @ 5:38 p.m.]

Ahh! It feels good, life.

It wasn't until today, when I saw that my dad's car was gone, that I realised just how depressed I've really been lately. And there was no more red car, and now I feel like a million and one buckaroonies (they're like U.S. dollars and sugar combined... I think)!

My application and pamphlet (that was the size of a novel, actually) from Cambridge came today! Yipee! I really, really, really want to go. It's one of those things that if I'm not accepted, it's good because I'll be with my mum and brother all summer before I move away, but if I am, it's good because it means a trip to England for all three of us, and I may be able to actually walk inside the stone circle at Stonehenge.

You heard (read) correctly. Inside the stones. Not from the fence looking at them at a distance. I'd be able to breathe in the life of them, step on the same, the very same, ritualistic soil of my pagan past (I'm so very glad I'm Christian...). Innit neat? I can point out the altar stone, and say, "That's where Tess d'Urberville died!" or "that's what Chevy Chase knocked over to create a crippling domino effect!" Which, I doubt will roll really well with the archaeology proffesor. Other classes that caught my eye (besides archaelogy): acting techniques, Shakespearean Studies, Hamlet Analyses, Screenwriting, Alfred Hitchcock: Master of Suspense (YAY!), the course about Irish/English relations (they kept saying that "Irishness" [yes, it was put in quotes... as though it's not real] would be discussed... how offensive! I only like it because it's about Ireland, and I could yell about the IRA) (and then say I meant IRA as Individual Retirement Account instead of Irish Republican Army... YEATS!)... and a bunch of others... Too many, really. And there are trips to Bath and London and Stratford-upon-Avon (I live for the Bard) and other ancient sites around England.

Did you know that there are stone circles and stone structures of advanced knowledge in Ireland that durastically predate the pyramids, and show the highest technology of their time? That's because we Irish (Irish-Americans) have always been fantastically smarter than we're given credit for. *cough cough*

Anyway, and there's punting and boating and iceskating and speed-dating and a dance at the end, and tea time! Yeah, tea time. And there are classes on Jane Austen, and Jewish-English History (with a discussion on Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens and Daniel Deronda by George Eliot... two of the books that I love too much! Did you know that Daniel Deronda was a Conservative [Torie, which is actually the word for travelling Irish thief]? 'Tis true! Gah, I love that book...) (Irish REPUBLICAN Army!). Oh-- if I keep rambling about it, and I'm not accepted, I'll be disappointed. Who wouldn't be? But, I can't imagine it makes for interesting reading material, though it sincerely gave me an insane boost of spirit. And I just sat on my mum's bed flipping through and screeching in joy. I mean, banshee screeches could be no better than I was today.

Other'n'that, it's been very hectic. We have to prepare our house for sale, and find another. I've had large mountains of homework to pour over (nearly 6 hours every night), and some new music to practise. I'm going over to Kelly's house this weekend, and we will discuss the many ironies in Oedipus Rex, have a nice reading of A Midsummernight's Dream (I've got dibs on Helena!), and watch a Nicole Kidman movie. And lots and lots of coffee-partaking. And some Return of the King Extended Edition! And fun stuffs like that!

Mum was called par téléphone by a friend of her dad's, who said he considered her family and would keep in contact with her (she hadn't talked to him in a decade!). I found out I'm one of two people who have thusfar received all A's in French 5, the other being the German foreign exchange student who can speak it all but fluently. Uhmm... I made some "bills" for the "President" to "veto" in AP Government class (I love having activities in that class... they're always fun... like the posters! I love thinking up creative posters for that class!). I was part of a sub-committee on Health and Safety, and made/improved/killed some bills on Homeland Security. The Senate didn't like any, they mocked my bills, but I killed nearly all of theirs, too. It was fun, slamming the "KILLED" stamp on the envelope.

And, my mum's car is officially... hers! YAY! It no longer has my dad's name on it! YAY!

I should go... this was a long entry about nothing. It was much ado about nothing! See? I love Shakespeare!

**The title came from Ratchet and Clank: Up Your Arsenal** (A very cleverly written videogame [hilariously funny... elbow-slappin' funny]. And I'm still stuck on the second level... at the path of death... it truly is a path of death, I suppose!)(Another quote I happen to like: "Captain Qwark had so many good qualities, I don't know where to start... He, uh, was tall. He had interesting fashion sense. He had a really big chin... that was shaped kinda like a butt... and I'll stop now." It was at a funeral... but Captain Qwark wasn't dead!)

PS. If you have ROTK Extended, put in the first disk, go to the last page in Scene Selection, and scroll all the way down. It's so funny, it'll make you pee your pants. You don't even have to like the movie, it's still funny. I haven't even watched the whole movie yet, and I watched that bit. And I've had the dvds layin' around for over a week now! If you need a hint-- it's a cast interview. And be prepared for some effeminate laughter, 'cuz Elijah Wood needs to hit puberty. Soon.

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