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[2005-01-14 @ 7:47 p.m.]

More art, no more time! I'm not pretending that any of these are good.

And I'm going to finish this one:

Do you think I stand a chance with those steaming lumps of doo of getting into NYU's filmschool? Can I truly follow in the footsteps of M. Night?

I feel sick to my tummy.

Amendment: I just wanted to note a little anger that I'm developing over art nowadays, from angsty paintings to angsty poetry. It's already widely accepted that there's ugliness in the world-- those who claim to be artists and are turning out things that mirror only the ugliness of human nature aren't true artists as they're forgetting the other side-- there's beauty in this world! When did society progress to such existentialism that there's nothing left to celebrate the fading beauty of life while it lasts? Why celebrate death while so much life exists? If you think I'm a wussy for painting a flower, maybe you're a crazy for writing about the colour black! Also I'd like to comment on modern art (following impressionism): don't be like Picasso. Why he's so celebrated is beyond me. Compare what he's done to something from Monet, heck, even to something from me! He had accomplished nothing! Not even in theory! No one seems to realise the purpose behind his paintings-- each one, the starkness in aspect, was meant to represent the idealistic Communist Utopia where everyone was the same (but it was a form of paradox that he took by pointing out human flaw despite likeness). His art is no different from any other modern art, not only that, but it preaches conformity! So you think that by loving what he's done, you're being special, but really you're blindly following what's popular to do. Psh! You silly people! You don't have to be goth to be an artist.

And I still don't think I'm an artist!

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