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You know what cranberries are good for? Urinary tract infections.
[2005-01-23 @ 2:30 p.m.]

Oy, I've missed Diaryland! I still have yet to read some diaries, my diary was down for a long time because of that big-to-do, and some of yours, even if you've updated, are still down too! So, go look or something, because I'm having a nervous breakdown without my daily reads!

Eesh... so much has happened... where to begin? I took my SAT IIs yesterday, one in French, one in Literature. I might take another in math later on, maybe in May, because that'll give me time to study accordingly. Because math is not my strong point (what is?). Whatever the case, I'm in the clear as far as one of my finals are concerned, so I don't need to study for French any more!

You know, I had so much to say, and now it's all gone. I hate it when that happens. I was thinking for a week about what I'd write when I'd finally be able to, and now, I'm drawing a blank. Can you believe it!?! Nah, neither can I.

Umm... I took a test in Orchestra on Tchaikovsky that I'm worried about. I've actually been losing sleep over it, I'm so worried. I don't think I did particularly well, and I really wanted to because it's such a pretty song. This is gonna sound silly, but when I play something that has a certain undeniable themed sound to it, or an almost ethnicity to it, I can just picture a movie or a book in my head. If something sounds Hebrew, I picture something Hebrew, and if, in this case, something sounds Russian, I can just play out some Chekov stories I've read recently, and I have my inspiration! I'm not pretending that this makes me good at all, because I'm really not that great at it, but at least I have a respect for it (which is more than some people *coughviolascough* can say for the class). Poo, who cares? It's not life or death that I keep first chair... but it's more important that I do right by Tchaikovsky.

Wow. Nerdy much? Yep, thanks! My brother wants to play a video game, so I gotsta get off now! Au revoir!

The title is from I Love the 90s Part Deux. The quote applies to that 90s Irish band called The Cranberries, and Michael Ian Black was contemplating the origin of the name of said band.

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