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[2005-01-25 @ 5:41 p.m.]

Finals are this week. But I only have to take two... one's a mid-term, technically, the other is my Chemistry final. Mwahaha, I get to skip school on Friday, and I have a four-day weekend!

You know, I had a lot of philosophical and political topics to talk about. So, if you don't want to read about my deep intellectual questions, I don't blame you. See, I did have some to talk about, I was going to cover my thoughts on abortion and the War on Terror and homosexual marriages, along with my ideas on "finding myself" (what a load of garbage that is, huh?), but I'll just do that another time. Perhaps during my four day weekend.

Did I mention I have a four day weekend?

You know, I'd really like to have some money. Firstly, I still want to apply to Cambridge's summer program, secondly, I want to go shopping so badly that it's physically harmful. I have thirty-five buckaroonies that I want to spend on something, because I still haven't bought anything but a dvd with my Christmas money. But other than that thirty-five, I need money for college supplies and dorm stuff. I can't have a job, I've begged and begged for one, and it doesn't make sense to have one anyway because I don't have a car and have no way of getting to work. Otherwise, I'd do it in a heartbeat. What do I do for money? The newspaper only takes teenage writers as volunteers, and I didn't volunteer in time anyway. I never get babysitting jobs because the neighbours are afraid of me (I think that they think that I have a disease because I'm pale... it's just because I'm an Irish-American with a skin condition... I could always sue them for millions to live off of for being discriminatory... I mean, I am Republican). But I really don't want to keep asking my mum for money and rides, she has a hard enough time as it is. What do I do to make some kind of revenue? This is really important to me, that I make myself somehow independent for the little extravagencies like a new shirt, or presents for my brother and mum.

Maybe I could sell my poetry to a publisher or something. A lot of people like my poetry (I don't know why, exactly). Or maybe I could... nope, that's about the only idea that I have. I'm not trying to sacrifice myself, nor am I trying to have money to buy anything I want, but I just want something in case I should ever need it, and for application processes, and for little things at stores that I like, or that my brother likes, or that my mother likes. And stuff. I don't think money is all that tight, we're getting healthy alamony, but I still want to help somehow.

Poo. I need money. How can I call myself a Republican at all?

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