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[2005-01-28 @ 11:24 a.m.]

My first day of my four day weekend. I have: woken up, eaten breakfast, watched Regis and Kelly (even though I don't like that show), and put away the fake Christmas tree. We're throwing it away this year, because it's shorter than me, though it's supposed to be six and a half feet tall. I barely have to lift my arms to reach the top. Of course, I'm over six feet tall myself, so I don't have to do that often anyway. But that's not the point. Now my arms and hands are covered in little cuts and scratches... Imagine the feeling of hundreds of little paper cuts.

Anyway, I have a new email account that's super-spiffy and super-elite. If you want my new email address, I'm not giving it out. You'll have to give me your email address (if I don't already have it, of course!) so I can email you from my new address. It's not super-necessary or anything, you can still email me from my normal address, but I think this new email is more secure, and certain people will have trouble finding out what I have to say. *wink wink* ...I'm sure most of you get it... I think... Well, my mum got it for me, and it's for college. So, eventually, I will have to make a full transition! Just a warning! You have until August!

I had a lot to talk about, about the War in Iraq specifically, but I want to write at least a paragraph on abortion, again. I've been getting a lot of opposing thoughts on my stands from more than one person (people at school, people on other sites, and people here, of course!). I think it's cool that you all have your own opinions, so I don't want to single anybody out and make them feel silly or angry with me, so I'll just take general statements that were either said to me, emailed to me, or just directed to me, just as a final word. I have to remind everybody that I'm staunch conservative on just about every topic imaginable, so a lot of what I say isn't necessarily the popular opinion.

Firstly, what I said about the death rate of women being higher from abortion than from birth: I've heard from more than one person that poor conditions at a slum office for abortion is usually the cause of this. That can have an adverse affect on the numbers in time, that's true, but the statistic I'm speaking of is death in the middle of the operation. That means that more women die in the act of abortion than in the act of giving birth. A disease-ridden flea-trap of a clinic is no different from a clean one in this case: the women nearly always die because of overdosed medicines or injections of the saline, and the chances of this happening are equal anywhere the operation is performed (with the exception of an untrained person, in which case the death isn't even recorded in the statistic). Therefore the healthiness of the clinic doesn't matter. And then there's the fact that it shouldn't happen at all! Nextly, there's the problem of when a baby's life begins. I've already established the fact that the baby has conciousness by the time it's aborted, therefore it's technically alive. It's technically alive the moment its cells begin reproduction. If the baby is able to register pain and respond to it, if the baby has all of its organs and is moving on its own, despite the fact the fact that it's dependent on its mother, it is alive. I can't take this into a Christian argument and claim it has a soul, too, because that's forcing my religion onto others, but there is no doubt that it has life, and to take that life should always be considered murder. The baby is no longer an egg, it is a living, thinking being.

I've been hearing for years the argument that combines the case of an abortion to the case of capital punishment-- and it's ridiculous. Capital punishment is an eye for an eye, but what is abortion? What has the baby done? It sounds terribly silly for me to say this, but the baby doesn't have a choice in the matter. A murderer has the choice to prevent himself from killing someone. The only people who are sentenced to death are the ones who are guilty of a horrific crime beyond a doubt. There are a few men killed for something they haven't done, but the prosecutors and court systems should be punished, not unborn babies completely unrelated to the case. Just because there are huge mistakes made by American courts that cost an innocent human life (and yes, that is unfair) doesn't mean that the argument against capital punishment should be pushed onto the argument for or against abortion. It's a fallacious argument that's called "non sequitur", which means it doesn't connect. In no way can the case for or against capital punishment be connected to the death or life of an unborn baby, because in no way are they alike other than they both deal with life versus death. (And let me point this out about capital punishment-- many liberals like to weild the numbers of Americans who are placed on death row and then released because they are "proven innocent", and this is a lie... our court systems can only convict someone to death if the evidence is extreme, but if any policemen so much as touch the murder weapon without gloves, it is "tampering with evidence", and despite the clarity of guilt, the murderer is let off... it's very hard to put someone to death, but that's for another entry!). So let this be a warning to the next person who emails me hate notes about the death penalty in connection to abortion-- I have much more to say about this topic.

And I've been reading about "What happens if the mother has STDs that will screw up the child, or is on drugs that will ruin the health of the child? Is it fair to the child to not have an abortion?" To this I have a very specific answer that's very personal, and I don't know how I'm going to type it online. I will only say this: it is definitely better for the child to be born. I speak from experience. An STD passed to a child can be fixed or fought (with the exception of AIDs), since a lot of times the STD isn't given to the child, instead it can cause something like blindness or deafness in scratching the eye or allowing a different infection into the ear. The ones that are irreversable, like AIDs, I honestly do believe that they deserve one shot at life. It's better to try than to condemn. As for drug mothers, the brain damage caused by drugs can be reversable in some cases, and it's better to try and succeed than automatically lose a life. It sounds ridiculously hopeful, but, remember, I know this better than you think I do. The final case is that adoption is traumatic for a child, to which I say-- not nearly as traumatic as being cut apart inside a womb. Adopted children grow up perfectly well, and perfectly happy, and many can accept their past with near gratitude.

I also realised the other day that a lot of women are forced into abortion by the fathers of the children, so I'd also like to add another cost Appropriations would have to consider in the event of an anti-abortion bill: crisis lines to help women understand their choices, which can be located at the clinics which I mentioned last time!

Oh, that was a lot more than a paragraph... phooey! Now how am I gonna ramble off about the Iraq War? Well, poo. I'd better stop getting emails and notes and comments and raging fits of anger in the hallways about abortion, or I'll never get to talk about the 200,000 Kurds killed in a genocide from Saddam Hussein to justify the war. FAN-tastic. Look at what you liberals make me do! (Kidding, I love you all!)

I've also been reading online about a liberal suicide pact, a bunch of angry Democrat teenagers (I suspect) who don't like the fact G-Dub was reelected. Yep, a suicide pact sounds like a great idea! That way there will be a larger Republican majority and there can never be a liberal president elected ever again! Another brilliant idea from the self-destructive Democrats (the same people who brought you the Vietnam War... who then tried to take it back from you... who then refused to take it back from you... who then again took it back from you, the silly flip-floppers)! Maybe we Republicans will actually get some work done around here...

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