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[2005-01-31 @ 8:47 p.m.]

You know, it's amazing how one can endure a four-day weekend without ever managing to do one's homework. Granted, I haven't exactly been lazy all weekend, there's a lot of cleaning to be done, but, meh, schoolwork doesn't appeal to me. I have either government homework or a pop-Orchestra test. I don't know what day it'll be tomorrow (I'm pretty sure it's Orchestra, so after snack I'm practising... and tomorrow, if I'm wrong, I'll do my Government homework).

But I have a new class tomorrow! Acting! YAY! I get to act! For an entire bell! YAY!

I was going to type about Iraq... but I doubt twelve minutes (with which I'm supposed to be re-preparing my art portfolio for NYU because I'm such a moron I sent it to the wrong office) is enough time. I have a painting of a leefy sea-dragon that didn't print well (because the camera I snapped it with flashed all over it, and the paintstrokes blurred. I really, really, really want to paint something new... something with people... I haven't really painted people yet. I've drawn people, I've penned people, I've pasteled and chalked people, but I've yet to paint people. There's this one painting that I fell in love with that I'll have to either find the link to, or just post on here, that I can honestly pick out the paintstrokes on this lovely woman's face, but her expression is one of just terrible misery... It's hard to imagine how little many strokes it took to paint a face in classic art (this is a modern piece in an almost impressionist style, though), and I've always wanted to attempt it. I'm just not nearly good enough yet, though. But I know I can do it, because (I don't admit my strong points very often) I know I'm good at art. I know that that's the one thing that I can do really well at, but I'll never make a living off of. Only men succeed in the art world, because (I think as D.H. Lawrence pointed out) men (and some women) find female artists intimidating because they venture out of their natural creativity of birth. Women are only supposed to be muses, supposedly, and I've never seen it that way. But, that's the reason I figure there are no famous female filmmakers besides Sofia Coppola (unless you're nerdy like me and watch more independent film than that...). So why do I want to make film? Am I crazy? It's crazier than making art... I think writing is hard enough to get into, even journalism, for a woman.

The world is still a very unfair place for women, unless you want to become a school teacher.

So, I'll make art in my spare time. Maybe one day I'll be famous for something else, and my art will catch on... never know...

I was going to type about a load of things, but I have to go practise my cello now. Toodles!

**The title is via Greenday. It's a little more sober than usual. Get used to it.

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