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Oh, honey.
[2005-02-06 @ 8:54 p.m.]

I have 50 gmail invites that I don't want. Anybody here want basically unlimited email access with so much storage you'll never ever ever have to delete your email again, or need a college account (like me)? It's a very easy-peasy site, it's run by Google, the best website ever besides my mum's.

So, leave me a note with your regular email, and I'll give you a better one. I don't know how long these invites last... but they're free... and cool... So take them, please! (I tried giving them to the troops, but no one's taking mine. Just figures. When I try to give, no one receives.)

I don't feel well. Go back an entry to read something real. Take a guess at the title. My syntax is short. I don't know why. Probably because I have a lot of homework left to do. I hate Heart of Darkness. It's probably why I don't feel well. I want to read George Eliot. She was the queen of funk. Not really.

We've got the beat, we've got the beat, we've got the beat, yeah, we've got the beat.

Shakespeare quote: "Would thou wert clean enough to spit upon!" (Timon of Athens) Billy Shakes is the man. And George Eliot is queen of funk. What would that make Tennyson?

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