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Sauf les aveugles, ça va de soi!
[2005-02-12 @ 5:09 p.m.]

It's Saturday, and I've accomplished... nothing. I mean it. I've sat today. And ate a cupcake. So much for Lent, eh?

That's it. From this moment forward I will do something... as soon as I finish writing this entry.

Guess what? It's almost my birthday! My b-day is March 2. I'm almost 18! I can almost rent a hotel room (though I don't know what I'd do with it), buy cigarettes (though I don't smoke and don't plan on it), drive in New York (though I live in Virginia), have a credit card (though I don't have any money to pay it off with)... so what's the big deal with turning 18? It's the same as 17 for me, but a number higher.

Oh! I can order stuff off tv! YESSS! But, I'd need a credit card for that. NOOO!!!

I have to paint my mummy a present for Valentine's Day. I won't tell you what it is though!

That'll be my physical activity for the day! Moving a paintbrush back and forth! Yippee! Well... actually... I want to do something kinda impressionist, so I guess it won't be moving back and forth... kinda up and down.

Everything is going wrong.

The title is from "La Mauvaise Réputation". It's a fun song! Yay!

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