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My danish! ...We'll have to invade Denmark to get another one.
[2005-02-21 @ 8:58 a.m.]

Stupid as I am, I put the wrong link into Illustration Friday and had to wait to update until they changed the topic. I guess it's fine because no one (not even myself!) liked my illustration. I made it in about an hour, so it's no surprise! I should work extra hard on this week's topic: sorrow. I don't think I have a myth for that one, though... I should do something revolving around Ophelia, since I've seemed to have held onto that character for dear life. She's my favourite Shakespeare character thus far... Hamlet was cool, but Ophelia still takes the cake for me. Puck's pretty cool too, but I don't know where "sorrow" comes into play for him. Maybe a lack of sorrow...

Oooh, I've got an even better idea... you'll see it when it's done. It'll be the very embodiment of sorrow. It'll make you cry, I promise.

I've had to update my Livejournal a lot because of the illustration thing. Normally I only talk about jokes or cool websites on there, since only one person reads it. Or claims to. Livejournal is a cold place... stay in Diaryland. Take my advice!

Yallright. Err... I went to a booksale on Saturday, and bought some awesome books. The Mayor of Casterbridge by Thomas Hardy, Lord Jim by Joseph Conrad, "Evageline" by Longfellow, A History of Film by heaven-knows-who, a bunch of National Geographics, and some classical records. My local library always has these amazing used-book sales where books only cost a couple of dollars at the most. Usually it's more around fifty cents. Anyway, I also checked out from the library, itself, some plays by Anton Chekhov, some more plays by T.S. Eliot, and "Under the Moon" from WB Yeats. Chekhov is always fun...

And on Friday my mum took me to the mall where there was a "Silent Dinner", where some of the deaf community and sign language students get together to chat in sign. My mum went because she's a sign student, and I went with her to keep her company and absorb it all a little. It was great fun! There was this really nice family who chatted with us and an English teacher, and he told us stories about the origins of a bunch of words. I actually learned more than just how to sign a couple things! And when I walked in, my mum and I couldn't help but think that we were eavesdropping while we watched people... it was a little strange. I still felt kind of out-of-the-loop because my knowledge of sign language until that point consisted of a broken alphabet, so I didn't know a whole lot of what people were saying (though most of the gestures are obvious... and it's so cool, it's like art!). My mum picked up on it quickly, though, it's no wonder since she's so smart!

It was kind of sad, in a way though. And scary, because when they started talking about risidual hearing percentages, I remembered all those doctor visits and stuff for my hearing. It was the actual mall that my mum found out that my brother couldn't see in, too, where she bought him his first pair of glasses and he asked her what the bubbles in his soda were, or what the rain was because he hadn't seen either before. His eyes have gotten a lot better, and my hearing has too! If you cover your mouth and talk at a normal voice, that's all I used to hear. My mum said that I couldn't walk down the stairs because my equilibrium was so off, so I'd stand at the top and lean forward until I fell. She had to teach us how to slide down the stairs on our stomachs until I started iceskating as therapy.

It's kinda funny, now that I think about it... Jumping off the stairs sounds like something I would do!

I think it's kinda neat how when I look back in life, I see all the places where God worked, and it makes the problems of today seem kind of insignificant. Not unimportant in the way of, "Well I've been through worse, why should I complain?" but more like, "God's solved worse, what'll stop him from solving this?"

All I know is that I have fifty bucks burning a hole in my pocket, and upcoming birthday or no, I want to go shopping!

And the title is from Napoleon. No, not Dynamite. Napoleon Bonaparte! Because we all know he kept a danish under that coat of his. And stood on stilts. And wore stupid hats. (It's really from Napoleon Bonaparte as seen by Fairly Oddparents.)

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